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Thank for confirming @Brutalboy. Weird that they would do that.

Personally for me, F would be ideal. If I want it to be 70/71F would that translate to both being 21C or can we include decimals? Also, would I need to have the Pods in C mode all the time? My family doesn’t know C scale if the Pods always need to be in C and we adjust the temp manually throughout the day if needed.


The Sensibo App setting can stay in farenheit. This is just for configuring Climate React using webCoRe that need to specify celcius values for the threshold.

If I include a new parameter, I will add decimal behind the scene to avoid that problem


Here the updated version on the MSA-635-1 branch, the last new parameter is for you (string parameter)


Thanks, Ill check it asap


Any Success??


Hey @Brutalboy

Had to take a night off. Hope to do tonight or over the weekend at this point. So I need to grab new code and add a Parameter?


No problem and yes.


Ok, just tested. The low point temp converted perfectly. The upper didn’t.

New script:

Master bedroom

Milan’s room

Living room



For the upper this is normal because you did not specify what to do on high threshold(the parameter where you have null correctly)

The sensibo web site is doing the same behavior it will not keep the high value of the high if it is set to “do nothing”


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Ok, I see. So what should I have if I want these settings?


Based on your screenshot:

for the null parameters, change it to : [false, ‘auto’, ‘F’, 68, ‘heat’]

so the full syntax:

configureClimateReact(67, 68, ‘temperature’, ‘[true, ‘auto’, ‘F’, 68, ‘heat’]’, ‘[false, ‘auto’, ‘F’, 68, ‘heat’]’, true, ‘F’);


I may simplify the syntax later one, right now, I’m passing the State as raw info (the parameters in )


My on off button icon keeps changing back to what you see in the picture. Once I change it, it shows the new one but changes to this as soon as I press the on off button.


The icon represent the version 1 of sensibo.

This is normal. Why do you want To change it?

The icon used is managed by the code as it change if it is on or off (2 icons is used here)


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(Michael Orbon) #583

Nice work on the Climate React, Eric! Of course now I have to update my interest in WebCore! I was changing over to “Climate React” seasonally, and now I want to do it with automation. Is there a way to send the command through the Smartthings Classic Application or is it only in WebCore?



You can enable or disable Climate React for the classic app (if already configured) but to change the values and thresholds, you can to do it via webCoRe using configureClimateReact()


Hey @Brutalboy - just updated my syntax and Ill be testing tonight.

What would be your suggestion if I wanted to be able to press a virtual button in ST and turn on the pods w/ a specific climate react setting? My example is if I am on my way home, I’d love to hit a button to get the home warmed up before I walk in.


All good regarding the icon,I understand. One more thing the dry shortcut button does nothing and when I try to toggle to dry mode with the main mode button that also doesn’t activate the dry mode. It works from sensibo app. Once activated from sensibo app you can see it in ST app but can’t activate from ST app.


The ST should call the same function as the Sensibo App.

Sometime, the ST app do not refresh correctly. please try to close, kill and reopen the ST app.

Please send me the ST logs file when you are trying to hit the dry button in ST. I will have a look

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Hello everyone.
I use sensibo with smartthings v3 without problems. I also have harmony hub.
I was trying to make an automation using the new smartthings app - when the TV is on and also sensibo pod temp is below 20 degree - than turn on the same pod AC.
I can’t save the automation and get the error that my device is not connected to the network. It happens only in relation to the temperature condition (if i use humidity or battery it works fine). The sensibo app and also smartthings app show the right temp and works well. the only problem is the automation with the temprature condition.
please help