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Sensibo integration



For the people with sensibo v1 before sky (which was on battery only). So if you have the sky version, it will always be 3000.


‘CR Turn off’ worked perfectly when SHM Away activated Eric!

Setting up routines next.

Thanks @Brutalboy


Thanks One more thing. The swing finction control only the up/down swing louvre like sensibo app correct? No way to control the left/right louvre? I can with my remote.


My code is calling same sensibo api, so same functions. So ask sensibo to add support of the swing you want.


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Hey @Brutalboy - how is this looking?

The goal here is to set climate react when my home goes into Armed/Stay mode.


The syntax is good but the last false mean that you do not want to enable Climate React yet. It will be configured but not activated.


OK, so make that True?



Based on your code, when the temp is below 67, you turn on the AC at 68 F heat on auto fan mode.


Has anyone got both swing modes working or showing in app? I’m wondering if it’s my AC or the sensibo app as I only see and control vertical but on my AC remove have separate buttons for vertical and horizontal. I thought I’ll check here first before going to sensibo support. Here is what it looks like on my AC remote.


You should contact sensibo support. Nothing can be done in smartthings side

ST will see the same things as sensibo app


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I understand that. What I meant to ask was what others see in their sensibo app, since there is no sensibo forum I might get answer here.
All I see is a button for swing in Sensibo app and it doesn’t give options like other buttons eg fan speed if you click you get like a circular pop up with shortcuts for different speeds.
So is this normal for others too? You just click on the swing button and watch what’s happening on the actual AC? Or is the swing button just starting and stopping the swing?


We all see the same as you. How the swing button work on sensibo app and ST, it is going to each available mode one after one on each click. Example, first click full swing, second click, top swing, etc…

There is a sensibo facebook group where the support staff is available to discuss.


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Ok, so before hit arm/stay these were the settings:

then it went to this once set to arm/stay

and the termastat 2 went to this:

this was my final script:


Weird… i will do some tests.

Not sure why it goes to humidity and not temperature.

You are using farenheit in sensibo app as well to set your temp?


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This is why it was in beta :smile:

Please update your code with the latest one on the MSA-635-1 branch. I hope it is fixed now !! (I do not have a lot of time for testing it)


No problem at all my fiend! Thank you so much for jumping on it. Ill give it a go again tonight and report back.

Oh, and yes… I am using F for temp.


Closer, but still a little off.

Original setting:

After triggering:

2nd thermostat before:



Ohhh it is seem that it is trying to convert again the numbers to farenheit . Weird… Im using celcius with no issue. I will take a look when i will have time



I need to confirm with Sensibo Staff why as it seem that we need to pass the thresholds values in celcius (the 2 first parameters).

For now, please pass the first 2 parameters(67-68) in celcius as workaround like this example:




Sensibo staff confirmed that we need to always pass the threshold values in Celcius.

Are you okay with that? I can also add a parameter to specify the threshold values and I will do the conversion behind