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Did you made progress?


Hi guys,

I have updated the version to 1.6 (beta) with support for Climate React functions.

I fixed the problem with null humidity for internal Sensibo

for Climate React:

Inside SmartThing app, you can toggle Climate React on and off (if the Climate React is already configured).

You cannot change the Climate React parameters inside the SmartApps, you have to use the Sensibo web site or webCoRE.

webCoRE functions:

  • toogleClimateReact() for on/off

  • setClimateReact(ClimateState) for on/off
    ex : setClimateReact(“on”)

  • configureClimateReact(lowThres, highThres,stype,lowState,highState, on_off)

    // lowThres and highThres - Integer parameters
    // stype : possible values are temperature, humidity or feelsLike
    // lowState and highState :
    // on, fanLevel, temperatureUnit, targetTemperature, mode
    // like “[true,‘auto’,‘C’,21,‘heat’]”
    // one_off : boolean value to enable/disable the Climate React

    Full example for configureClimateReact:

    configureClimateReact(15, 30, ‘temperature’, ‘[true,‘auto’,‘C’,23,‘heat’]’, ‘null’, false);


(יונתן גרג'י) #530

I reinstalled the app with it’s latest version but I still can’t save- due to “unexpected error”…


You have copied the code for the Smartapps AND The device Handler? There is 2 code to install

You are using the classic smartthing app?

This is a brand new install or you have added a new sensibo device to your existing list?


If the Sensibo device are participating in other smartapp, you may have errors for save. Please detach from any other smartapps them before saving.

(יונתן גרג'י) #533

I’ve copied both.
using classic app.
It’s a fresh install. new 2 sensibo sky devices.


What is the version of the Smartthing hub? V1, V2 or other?


Very exciting @Brutalboy! I’ll give it a go ASAP. Happy New Year.

(יונתן גרג'י) #536

thank you my friend for the rapid reply.
actually my new smartthings hub is on it’s way, not yet connected. I’ve managed to connect to harmony hub without it so I assumed I could do that with the sensibo pod. Do you think this is related to the save failure of the sensibo smartapp?


Hey Eric, which parameters type and sub selection do i choose for each of these. I see you call out Integer for the first field… thanks!



All string except the first 2 (integer) and boolean for the last one



Hey, Eric. So my goal here is to turn off the pods when I leave the house even if Climate React was on. Did I do it correctly?

My next project is to set up different climate react settings from Home/Disarmed, Night/Disarm.

So much fun, thank you @Brutalboy



toogleClimateReact is to invert the current state. If it was on, it become off and vise versa.

For your case (forcing off), use


OK, great. Makes sense. Ill give it a go when I get home tonight.


Just set up my sensibo and installed the app in ST. Just trying to figure out settings and icons etc. Can someone tell me what orange NA icon means with a picture if remote. See below, pressing it does nothing.


This for toggling climate react on and off. N/A mean that it is not configured yet for that Pod. So that why it is doing nothing.

To configure the Climate React, you need to use the sensibo web site or webCoRe.


ok thanks I’ll read about it. I see three different temperature readings, Sensibo app is showing 25.2,ST app 24.6 and sensibo website 25! Why is that?
Are you also able to explain all icons in my screenshot please? From left to right if possible.


Ok. For the temp reading. The ST is not reading in real time. It is a schedule. To force the reading, click the refresh.

For the buttons(left to right,up to down):

On/off,fan speed,mode(heat/cool/etc)
Swing,Climate React,refresh

The last 7 buttons are shortcuts as:
Cool,heat,fan,dry mode,high speed, auto fan,Full swing.

The rest are infos : firmware,model,source and battery level


Battery level of what?