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Sensibo integration



This is the wrong branch:

Here the good one:


What do you mean by updating a sky to a new version???

Try with the code at this location:

(Michael Orbon) #510

It is new hardware. I have the new device handler and Smartapp already. Thanks.


The new hardware is attached with the same account as the other sky?

(Michael Orbon) #512

It is. It shows in the Sensibo app under the same account. The only problem is that the Smartapp won’t save. Wait…let me get error message.

(Michael Orbon) #513

(Michael Orbon) #514

All devices are showing, but when I save, this happens.


Do the existing Skys are attached to other smartapps like webcore? You may have to detach them before to be able to save.


Are you in north america?

There is problem with pairing right now. Maybe related. Check the smartthing status page


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(Dejongm) #518

Just changed to recommended version and I’m still getting the error, Just now on line 580.

I’m also getting the following:
f9-314f-41fe-9777-f62b1f416afa 5:48:01 PM: debug Generating AppDebug Event: [name:appdebug, descriptionText:java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method toDouble() on null object, displayed:false]

d347b4f9-314f-41fe-9777-f62b1f416afa 5:48:01 PM: debug ___exception polling children: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method toDouble() on null object


You are using sky (external? or internal?) or the old pod?

I have a known issue with internal sensibo when the humidity is returning null values.


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(Dejongm) #520

I’m using “Sensibo Inside,” a module specifically made for Carrier units.

(Michael Orbon) #521

That may be it. Detach them and then save. Thanks.

(Dejongm) #522

Just checked and yes, humidity is returning null.

“status”: “success”,
“result”: [
“batteryVoltage”: null,
“time”: {
“secondsAgo”: 88,
“time”: “2018-12-22T03:06:07.758000Z”
“temperature”: 21.1,
“humidity”: null

(Dejongm) #523

Thanks for the pointer! I replaced your humidity poller code:

// def shumidify = stat.humidity.toDouble().round()
def shumidify = 0

This seems to have resolved my polling issue. :slight_smile:


I recommended to use this code:

def stemp = stat.temperature ? stat.temperature.toDouble().round(1) : 0

def shumidify = stat.humidity ? stat.humidity.toDouble().round() : 0


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(יונתן גרג'י) #525

I have the same error. I see the pods but can’t save.
I’m using external sensibo sky.
not from north america.
any solution?

(יונתן גרג'י) #526

where can I find a full updated version of the sensibo sky smartapp?


Smart app and device type (handler) to update:

Try with the code at this location: