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Also i saw a new capability, Air Conditioner Mode was added to smart things. it will be really nice to rely on this one since it has support for dry mode.

A bit related to this one, i saw the the device handler it’s creating mode events, for me those events are triggering webcore pistons which are listening to location mode events. Any chance to get that changed?

Thanks a lot


I will check for the capabilities and mode events. I was thinking that Event are only visible inside the DH, not all DH…


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I have a bunch of DHs in my smartthing app and none of them work in the new SmartThing app.

Rboys, bspranger(xaomi), etc.

So I have no plan for now as there is not enough information on how to migrate.


I think I able to fix the mode events(next week) and add support for Air conditioner Mode(later on)

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That will be awesome. Thanks a lot.

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Are you using my code or your smartapp is using my existing DH and devices?

Can you please add my name as contributor??

I would appreciate that

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I’m just using your exposed commands from your DTH in the zoning smartapps… I’m not copying any of your code per se…

I have created many DTHs too (My Ecobee, My Ecobee Switch, My Next Tstat, My NextCam, My NextAlarm, My Automatic,My Neurio, MyFlair devices), and I don’t ask to mention my name in all the smartapps or webcore scripts which use them…

I’m just leveraging your DTH’s commands to automatically turn on/off (standard commands) the device and make change to the fan speed according to the rooms’ temp differential in a zone.

As I wrote to you before in PM, thnx for exposing the fan speed commands.

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For those of us that aren’t coders ourselves, can you explain the difference?


This is okay. It was not clear if my code was involved or not.

So your smartapp can turn on/off existing a/c connected to sensibo (connect)? Right?


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Yes according to the user’s own defined schedules , and change the fan speed according to the room’s temp differential in a zone… It’s a powerful way to do targeted heating/cooling in a home.


@bogdanalexe90 I have updated the SmartApp and and DH for the “mode events” problem, can you test it and see if it is gone or not?

You may have to rerun the Sensibo (Connect) Smart app and do some refreshes on the things to make them works without errors in the log.

If the errors persist in the log after that, let me know.

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Just updated and followed your instructions. I didn’t encountered any erros and everything works like a charm ( pistons are not triggered any more in webcore). Will let you know if somethings appears. Thanks again.


I will work now on the new capability


I have updated the code to support the new capability called “airConditionerMode” and the command “setAirConditionerMode” (can be use by webcore).

Please update both SmartApp and DH.

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Is there a how to do for dummys :wink: i dondt know what to do with this API stuff… a bit new here. i understand I will get a key or something. but have no ide how to get it.


Please read the first post.

Connect to


Sorry about what is probably a silly question. I have your app up and running. It’s great. I added two more Sensibo’s but I don’t know how to add them to Smartthings. I got two new api’s which I guess is right but the app won’t let me add more than one api. I’m stumped.

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You could just run the smart app more than once - install it again


You mean, run the smart app again? Of course, I did that. It has a button to add api but apparently it only accepts my original input api. The button doesn’t work. Is that what you referring to? I just noticed, you said, install it again. I am going to try to figure that out. Thanks.