Sensibo integration


(Ahmed) #386

Working now, i used the wrong link at first. Thanks.

(Ahmed) #387

@Brutalboy If i use the SetAll command in webCore, does it turn the A/C on automatically if it is off and set the 3 variables?


Yes it will turn on the device.


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(Paul) #389

I am probably missing it. I have it all set up, and I can change all the settings through Smartthings. I can also change the temps based on mode changes, like ‘Away.’

But I can’t seem to change fan speeds, etc. Am I missing it, or is it not implemented.

(Rafael Rojas) #390

@Brutalboy Hi. Thank you so much. The app is amazing. Only I have 1 issue. When I select automatic mode the aplication not send the command and the AC lock in dry.
I will be glad if you check it.

Thank you in advance.


Hi, it should work if you are using the right version and please follow the troubleshoot post when contacting me. Check the thread please


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Hi, please follow the troubleshoot post when contacting me. Check the thread please and send me the requested info.


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(Paul) #393

Where is the troubleshoot post? I have the latest version of the handler and smartapp.

Under Automations & Routines, if I click a Routine, and down to “Set the Thermostat” I only have options for temperature “When Heating” and “When Cooling” nothing about fans.

Can fan speed, etc only be set in webcore?



The routine feature in SmartThing is very limited, this is not a limitation of my integration. The capabilities are exposed but not available in the routine feature.

You have to use webcore.


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Hi Sensibo users using SmartThings,

I will update the DH and smartapp this week or next one.

The update is focused on Sensibo staffs recommendations to limit to API calls to their servers. So it will keep a local version of the A/C capabilities and update that local copy only every minute.

So it will be more efficient for Sensibo servers.

(Võ Thanh Minh) #396

Sensibo Buy Amazon

I want to know it works on new smartthings?


New app or new hub? Work on v1 and v2 for sure


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Hi there,

Sensibo DH and Smartapp updated under the branch MSA-635-1. Please update both

-Better usage of Sensibo servers and usage of local storage for capabilities
-Some bug fixes.

Let me know if any problems are detected.

(Marcos Arias) #399

Hello, how do I update?


You need to copy and paste the code again to your current DH and SmartApp, Save and Publish for me

(d-nice) #401


It was so cool of you to write an integration for SmartThings and Sensibo… this is literally the answer our business has been looking for for years. I hate to ask this, but for those of us who are new to writing custom code for ST, could you provide a step-by-step tutorial on exactly what to do (or at least point us to a general guide, and then plug in the details we need for your code?)

Thanks so much, and I’m sure you have a TON of great karma coming your way my friend.


(Mark) #402

(d-nice) #403

You’re the man Mark, thanks so much. I’ll dive into this… still need the instructions for the Sensibo part :wink:


Please read the first post of the thread. The infos are there. Please read before asking stuffs. You are the first one who ask this since the project starting looong time ago.


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For your info, I started this Sensibo integration project in Nov 2015.