Sensibo integration


(Bogdan Alexe) #366

Cool, just tested and works like a charm. Thank you very much for the quick action.

(Jeffrey Whitler) #367

had hoped after multiple updates to both DH and smartapps this might have fixed itself, so tried again and same results…any change to the pods in ST classic,sends a lock command to my door lock and also on every 15min poll, also sends a lock command…and I’m not adept enough to figure out why…any help would be greatly appreciated!

(Mark) #368

That’s weird. You don’t have any other smartapps, routines or webcore pistons that could possibly be configured to send a lock command based on a thermostat mode or temperature setpoint change? Or something like that?

Did you talk to RBoy? He’s very responsive to support requests (as is Eric, but RBoy has a team working with him).

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My stuffs only talk to the Sensibo API, your problem is coming from another place.

(Jeffrey Whitler) #370

I know, it’s very weird. No, nothing configured to send a lock command based on thermostat or temp change and haven’t delved into webcore as of yet. Also realize it only talks to the Sensibo API, but it only starts when I install the Sensibo DH/smartapp and stops when I remove it, just can’t figure out what other is causing it…sent a support request to ST, see if they would help…did talk to RBoy back in January, and they were awesome, as is Eric, but didn’t get it figured out…if support can’t help, I’ll just have to go back to not having them in ST, not horrible, but wanted them on my three mounted actiontiles tablets…not trying to be a pain, just wondering if anyone had any ideas…thanks all!


Can you take a picture of your device list in Smartthings (the web site not the app)?

Also send me the log from Smarthing web site. I will have a look.


I can try to troubleshoot but I need access to Rboy code, I do not have it.

Please ask them if they can share it with me for troubleshooting purpose?

(Jeffrey Whitler) #373

Sent via message, let me know if you need anything else and Thank You!

(Ahmed) #374

@Brutalboy i’ve updated the Smart App code in my IDE with the new groovy file and the DH code too. Now I get the new tiles which is nice. Few things though, in WebCoRE i do not see the SetAll option, i’ve gone into webcore and selected the device again and pressed save 4 times but no luck.

Also, what is the actual refresh time? If i turn the A/C on Smart Things doesnt seem to update unless i press refresh, is there a way to make this much more real-time?


Reboot your smartthing hub


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For the refresh, this is 15 min but you can change it in the code.

I may add a parameters for the refresh rate to be specifies. I will think about that this week.

(Ahmed) #377

Is there a reason why it’s set to 15mins? Seems quite high. Where in the code do you change this 15mins interval? Is it on the DH or the Smart App code?


The reason was that the first version of the sensibo was on battery and it will drain the batteries faster.

I will add an option to change the rate in the Sensibo (Connect) SmartApps. It will be available during the day.

(Ahmed) #379

That makes sense. Seeing as new version is powered by USB power, it will be nice to have the refresh much faster. Please let me know when you have added this option. Once you have, do I just change the code for the Smart App only not the DH?


I have updated both code for this. Please use the MSA-635-1 branch to update for now.

Rerun the Sensibo (Connect) and select the rate you want. the defaut is 10 minutes if nothing is selected


@ahmed24 The version is updated (please update both Smartapp and DH) on MSA-635-1 branch

(Ahmed) #382

Awesome, will try it now.

(Ahmed) #383

@Brutalboy I just copied and pasted both the Smart App and DH groovy file and published it. But I do not see where the refresh setting is


Rerun the smartapp called Sensibo (Connect) on your device.


You are using this branch?