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Sensibo integration


(Ahmed) #346

@Brutalboy sorry i’ve been away from home and no PC. Just got back will try it out tomorrow and update you. many thanks.

(Fwump38) #347

Hi there

I’ve been using this DH for some time now with great success however I get a message notification several times a day when I haven’t made any changes to my thermostat. The message comes in the form of a push notification from the SmartThings app with the following details:

Pod - Temperature:
Humidity: Battery: 3000

Is there a way to turn these off? Also I have no idea why I see a battery level. I tried looking through the Device Handler code but couldn’t figure it out.


EDIT: Figured it out. I had to go into the installed smart app and turn off the hourly notifications.

(Kraeg) #348

I’ve got a strange bug too:

When using webcore, sending a basic on command will also click the swing button.

If I just turn on the air con, with Alexa or ActionTiles etc
The swing mode also changes: if it’s set to high, it’ll move it to middle
Turn it off and on again and it’ll turn from middle to low
Etc etc etc

Really annoying as I always have mine set to full swing. And as the app doesn’t expose these options to webcore I can’t configure it to not do it.

Any ideas on a fix, I have a VERY basic grasp on Groovy


(Ahmed) #349

@Brutalboy where in the DH do I add the code for those 4 new tiles? Also, there is cool, and heat, what about maybe having auto for the thermostatMode?


Let do the heat and cool tiles for now, as the 2 other are not working

You have to put somewhere before the main ([“switch”])

Example :

    standardTile("coolmode", "device.thermostatMode",  width: 1, height: 1) {
   		state "cool", action:"modeCool", backgroundColor:"#00a0dc", icon:""
    standardTile("heatmode", "device.thermostatMode",  width: 1, height: 1) {
   		state "heat", action:"modeHeat", backgroundColor:"#e86d13", icon:""
	main (["switch"])
	details (["thermostatMulti","switch","fanLevel","mode","swing","voltage","refresh","coolmode","heatmode","powerSource","firmwareVersion","productModel"])    

ALSO, You also need to add 2 commands at the top if they are not already listed (after the last one):

    command "modeHeat"
    command "modeCool"


for the full and auto fan, here the 2 tiles to add:

    standardTile("fullfan", "device.fanLevel",  width: 1, height: 1) {
   		state "high", action:"fullfan", backgroundColor:"#8C8C8D", icon:""
    standardTile("autofan", "device.fanLevel",  width: 1, height: 1) {
   		state "auto", action:"autofan", backgroundColor:"#8C8C8D", icon:""

the 2 commands to add at the top :

command “fullfan”
command “autofan”

and you need to add 2 functions(def) for these. you can put them just before the temperatureDown(temp) function:

def fullfan()

def autofan()


No idea. never seen this before…

(Markoohay) #353

Copies code to the SmartThings IDE but got the following error when I clicked create.


Groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: script_dth_metadata_6d354200_8d4a_4044_a173_74903f57f255.appSetting() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.String) values: [apikey] Possible solutions: typeSetting(java.lang.String), typeSetting(java.util.Map), typeSetting(java.lang.String, java.lang.String), getSettings(), setSettings(java.lang.Object), typeSetting(java.lang.String, java.lang.String, java.util.List)



You have missed somethings for sure. it is looking for the API Key.

(allan smith) #355

@Brutalboy - Thank you for your work and giving us another reason to enjoy more SmartThings and Sensibo. Appreciate you man.

(John G) #356

Hi Eric,

Thanks for the awesome work, one question, once I generate my api key where do I put it ?



Do you have installed the Device Handler and the Smartapp?

if yes, On your device, go in marketplace - SmartApps - My Apps and select Sensibo (Connect)

It will ask for it in the first page.

(John G) #358

Great thanks for the quick reply.

(Steve) #359

@Brutalboy - Just installed my first Sensibo - awesome job with the device integration. Thank you!

(griskait) #360

Hi, first of all thanks for your work.
I installed my 1st sensibo no problem, how do I add another?


If the sensibo are added all under the same account, you go back the sensibo (connect) smart app and add the other like this photo (i have 3 pod myself):


-------- Message d’origine --------

(Bogdan Alexe) #362

I can not set sensibo to dry from webcore. Any ideas?


There is no “out-of-the box” Dry mode in Smartthing, check this:

So for my integration, I have “by-pass” this limitation but this is not working for external app like Webcore.


I will add a custom command to my DH and webcore will see it and you will be able to set to Dry mode.


Here the custom commands added for exposure in webCoRE (I will post to github soon under the MSA-635-1 branch)

modeCool(), modeDry(), modeHeat(), modeFan(), modeAuto() and setAll(mode,temp,fan)

SetAll() can be used to see the mode , the temperature and the fan level on 1 call

How to use setAll in webCoRE (you have to add 3 string parameters):

To make them visible in webcore(after you install the new DH) do the following.

  • Go on webCoRE smartapp in SmartThing
  • Select “Settings”
  • Select “Available devices and contacts”
  • Select “Available devices”
  • Select “Save” (4x)

Restart the webCoRE webpage and go configure your pistons