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(Edgardo Barreto) #326

Please let us know of your testing, I’m in the process of buying the Sensibo


Im the creator of the integration and I have 2 sensibo skys and they work great.


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(Daniel Innstø) #328

Yes, i just got mine 10 minutes ago. Connected to sensibo app and then Smartthings. Works like a charm! Great work @Brutalboy!

I just wish there would be a new icon :innocent:

(Michael Orbon) #329

I have a Daikin CTXS that has a single “target temperature” in auto. When I try to change that setpoint while in Auto, the unit is changed into Heat and then to Cool, due to the DH sending two setpoints, one for each mode respectively.

The Sensibo app works fine in this regard.

I have been looking for a way to modify the code so that heating setpoint and cooling setpoint are not both set while the unit is in Auto. Can you assist?



I have to check and tell you. But kind of busy these days.


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(Michael Orbon) #331

Thanks for the reply. Understood Eric.

(Sheharyar Ali) #332

I’m getting this error whenever I try putting the code when trying to create a new device handler

Org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed: script_dth_metadata_36e711c7_e836_4518_81e9_032086227807: 1: unexpected token: @ line 1, column 98. ps/ericg66/sensibo-connect.src ^ 1 error

Anyone else faced this?

Thank you

(Jules) #333

Hi guys! I’m new to smartthings, just got it a few days ago!

Thats great this app is exactly what I’m looking for. I was able to install it, set it up and all worked fine. I can see the Pod in the Smartthings App and I can see the temperature/ humidity of the room from sensibo.
However, unfortunately the sensibo/ AC does not react at all to any commands sent from the smartthings app (it just reverts to the current status: as example i click off–> 2s shows off and then back on as its still on).

Anyone had that issue? The check of the api links given above showed success, cannot yet post PMs… Also it seems if I navigate to the live logging page, there are no messages at all. Strange though that the integration worked and i get the readings (temp, etc) live…

(Brad Langhorst) #334

So, I’ve browsed this thread but I’m still not sure - was the SmartApp/DTH ever fixed to allow the temp to be displayed in Fahrenheit? The Sensibo Sky app is showing temp in Fahrenheit but ST is showing Celsius. I’ve used the following code:



EDIT: Nevermind - going back through the SmartApp wizard seems to have changed the display to Fahrenheit for me.

(Ahmed) #335

@Brutalboy Just installed this Device Handler and Smart App. It works well. However, one issue I face is that to turn certain things on, I have to toggle through multiple settings. For example if I want to change fan speed, i have to go through each one. Same with if i want to change from cool to heat i have to go through them one by one. In the Sensibo App you select it then a sub-menu comes up and then you select which one you want. Is it possible to do something like this with your Smart App?


Submenu are not possible with smartthing…sorry

But you can add tile to a specific action

i have added tile for cool and heat at the bottom for quick access


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(Ahmed) #337

Thanks, how do you add a tile to a specific action?


Do you see cool and warm at the bottom of the tiles page? (See attached screenshot)

What are you looking to add? Tell me the specific actions needed(priority list). We cannot add everything. I can tell you if this is possible and how.


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(Ahmed) #339

I don’t see those two shortcuts that you have on your screenshot in my Smart App. That is what I need Cool, Heat, Full Fan, Auto Fan. I think those are the 4 most used shortcuts


Ok give me a day or two and i will give u code to add/modify to make it possible.

I m out of town and have limited access to smartthing


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Full fan (you mean full swing?)and auto fan( you mean fan speed to auto?)

Please clarify.


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(Ahmed) #342

Awesome thanks. Full Fan I mean the fan speed at the highest setting which is the icon with the highest blades and Auto Fan I mean the the Auto Fan speed where no blade setting is set, the AC determines the fan speed. Seeing as you mentioned swing. Will be nice to have auto swing too.


To add cool,heat, full fan and auto fan, modify the device handlers and add the following tiles:

NOTE I have not tested the full fan and auto fan as I’m not home. but cool and heat I am sure.

   standardTile("coolmode", "device.thermostatMode",  width: 1, height: 1) {
   		state "cool", action:"modeCool", backgroundColor:"#00a0dc", icon:""
   standardTile("heatmode", "device.thermostatMode",  width: 1, height: 1) {
   		state "heat", action:"modeHeat", backgroundColor:"#e86d13", icon:""
   standardTile("fullfan", "device.fanLevel",  width: 1, height: 1) {
   		state "high", action:"dfanLevel('high')", backgroundColor:"#8C8C8D", icon:""
   standardTile("autofan", "device.fanLevel",  width: 1, height: 1) {
   		state "auto", action:"dfanLevel('auto')", backgroundColor:"#8C8C8D", icon:""

and modify following line of code to add the tiles to the UI( you have to add “coolmode”, “heatmode”, “fullfan”,“autofan” to the list (the position is up to you as it will move inside the UI) :

Example of the line modified to include this 4 new tiles:

main (["switch"])
	details (["thermostatMulti","switch","fanLevel","mode","swing","voltage","refresh","coolmode","heatmode","fullfan","autofan","powerSource","firmwareVersion","productModel"])


There is no auto swing in sensibo but the following:

"stopped, “fixedTop”, “fixedMiddleTop”, “fixedMiddle”, “fixedMiddleBottom”, “fixedBottom”, “rangeTop”
“rangeMiddle”, “rangeBottom”, “rangeFull”, “horizontal”, “both”

So which one you need?


@ahmed24 Any success?