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Sensibo integration



The coding experience in Smartthing is really weird, I do not think this is possible but…

I will make some research on this and I will let you know.

(tobey) #307

Full swing left to right.


Quiet fan mode works in the Sensibo app (and another app that integrates with sensibo)

But in Smartthings it only toggles between low, medium, high and auto


Disregard. It works just fine. I updated the code In the IDE from the github integration. For some reason it pulls an old code. Updated manually and it works.

This is the settings I use in the IDE, but this does not give me the latest version
EricG66 SmartThingsPublic master


Do not use master. Use the sub repository


Use MSA-635-1 as branch


Ahhh, I see that now :smirk:

Can now update and it works great. Thank you for this integration


It would have been great to have an option to select an external temp sensor to be displayed on the device.
This is due to my installation, my sensibo unit is located in front of the heat pump and will indicate a very high temp. Just a thought :grin:

(Jason Yeo) #313

hi, what is the difference between Master / MSA-635-1 branch?


The branch is more up to date. I do not update the master anymore.


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(Michael Orbon) #315

Hello Eric. New here and using the Pod Integration. I’d like to change the visual display that shows under “favorites” in the Smatthings app. Would that be an easy thing for me to change, and learn from? I’d like to display temperature instead.



I just wanted to say thank you so much for this and it has been a learning experience for me these past few months with both smart things and GitHub.

(Peter Graczer) #317

Works great! Took like seconds to set up. You beauty!

(Oskar Arkstedt) #318

Is there a simple way to go about changing the fan level via regular automation?

I have an automation where the hub changes into Movietime-mode which dims the lights and I’d like it to also set the fan to low/quiet.

If anyone got this to work in a simple way - I’d love to know how.

(Sajamunar) #319

Hi there,

I recently set up my Sensibo Sky and now I’m trying to connect it to my SmartThings Hub. I followed all your directions including copying the code and publishing it. I also used the code from the repository mentioned. But for some reason, I am not getting anything when I go to “My Smart Apps” under Marketplace. Any help would be appreciated!

(Mark) #320

What address did you enter into your web browser to access the hub?

The SmartThings cloud is divided up into “shards” but for some reason it’s possible to login to your hub through all of them even though your account only resides on one of the shards.

If you login by going to that should get you to the right spot.

When you login that way, if you don’t see any of the device handlers or smartapps that you just published, that would confirm you were initially on the wrong shard.

If you do see everything you previously installed, then it’s probably a different issue.

(Sajamunar) #321

This worked for me! Thank you so much!

(Mark) #322

@Brutalboy if you can still edit the OP, please consider changing “” to “”.

It may help avoid some confusion for users that are on different shards.

(tobey) #323

Anybody else having an issue with this integration when Samsung switched from the old smar things app to new one? On the new app I get error message saying can’t connect. But works on the original smartthings app.


You got a message in old smartthings ap to upgrade to Samsung account? If not, you have to wait until you get this upgrade message.


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(Daniel Innstø) #325

Does this work for Sensibo Sky?

edit: Nvm, I did my homework and searched the thread. I will test with Sky :slight_smile: