Sensibo integration


(Brian) #286

found everything. my confusion was the “new device type” was in the “my device handlers” page. but my one other concern is how to control the sensibo through the mobile app


How to control? You should see the pods listed in the things section if you configured the sensibo (connect) from the mobile app(smartthing) correctly.


I made a quick fix for people who have problems with the integration when using the fan only mode.

Please update the smartapp using this repository:


My heat pump (Fujitsu) has 4 fan modes + auto (superlow, low, medium, high and auto)

Can sensibo handle all those fan modes? And will the Smartthings app also be able to control them?


Ask Sensibo team. superlow is maybe the quiet mode in sensibo. Ask them. Check inside the Sensibo app directly.

Sensibo support low, medium, high, auto ,quiet, medium_high, medium_low, strong . all depend of the ACs.

I will add quiet, medium_high, medium_low and strong this week. The rest is already there


Sounds promising.

I don’t have a Sensibo yet, but will contact Sensibo support


Hi guys,

I have updated both my smartapp and device handlers.

This new version add support for :

  • 4 new fan level (quiet, medium_high,medium_low and strong) for units supporting them
  • 2 new swing mode (horizontal and both) for units supporting them

The new version also fix issues with fan/dry mode for some units (where there is no set temperature control)

Please use the following repository:


Device type/ handler:

Please report any issues to myself using my debugging steps please.

(Kraeg) #293


any reason why things like fan level arent pulled through into WebCoRE? Or am I missing something?

Also my air con supports R-full, is that in the works? (Or again, have I just missed it?)

Thanks for the brilliant work.



I can check for WebCoRE, I did not test it all.

R-full is fan level(speed)? Range Full? I support only what Sensibo app support and here of what is supported by them (and me):

Fan - low, medium, high, auto, quiet, medium_high, medium_low, strong
Swing- stopped, fixedTop, fixedMiddleTop, fixedMiddle, fixedMiddleBottom, fixedBottom, rangeTop, rangeMiddle, rangeBottom, rangeFull, horizontal, both

(Kraeg) #295

No rush for the webcore just wanted to ask, Just the ability to turn on/off is fantastic atm.

As for R-Full: It’s a swing Mode - yeh I guess it stands for Range Full (that’s a sensibo naming)

(tobey) #296

Just installed. All of my other issues are gone. Such as units showing on when off, and not being able to use fan. One thing i noticed between this version and last is the ability to recall previous mode. So when the fan mode or a/c mode is active and running on unit, then i turn the unit off it resets back to heat mode. Is there a way to change it so it recall last mode?

Great work.


So Range full is supported by my integration but the icon is better representative!


(Kraeg) #298

Ahhh that’s where I was going wrong, thanks…Just had a play about and the quiet mode is working perfectly for me :slight_smile:

(Mark) #299

Hi Eric, is it still necessary to uninstall the devices and smartapp from the ST mobile app before upgrading to the newest versions of device handler and smartapp? Thanks.

(Kraeg) #300

Just can normally just overright the code and save/publish it again and it’ll work as before.


No but i recommend to reboot the hub after the upgrade


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Hi Guys,

Not really important but I like to keep you guys informed. I will do some code cleaning to “compress” the code as it is coming bigger and bigger.

I also want your opinion on one thing: I would like to add new tiles to the smartapp to Select mode directly.
Iike to have a Heat tile, a cool til and so on for quick access. I will still keep the current tile where it is “cycling”

I want to know which mode/fan level or even swing do you need Quick access to?

(tobey) #303

I like to Cool mode for a tile, along with the swing mode.

(Kraeg) #304

Would there be no way to code a button that has your own defaults?

E.g. I setup how I like it, click a “Save” button. Then when I come to use it, I just need to click a “Load” button.

Not sure if you can save variables in a SmartApp/DH, im not a coder.


which swing mode you need the most?