Sensibo integration

I have this exact same problem (unable to select the pods in initial smart app setup). Doesn’t seem to matter what I do. Looking at the code it seems that it should be saying “Tap to choose”, but instead I get the message “You can’t currently add this”.
My API key works using the “,room” URL. It lists both of my pods fine…I’m at a loss.

EDIT: Do you seriously have to name your API key “apikey”. I tried a million different names for the API key on the sensibo site. This last one I finally called it “apikey” and it seems to have worked. Maybe update the instructions at the top of the thread? Also, it’s “My Device Handlers” now not “My Device Types”. Unless I’m missing something else.

@hodgeac I had the same problem and then I when back to create a api at Sensibo Website and I named it SmartThings and it work after that. I really don’t know why it didn’t work with other names but it did not and it only work when I use the name SmartThings?. Try that and see if it works for you.

Hi everyone

Please excuse my lack of knowledge.

I have been using the Sensibo Sky (4 seperate a/c units) for a while now with success via the Sensibo App. It’s been great.

I have just purchased the SmartThings Hub which I’ve never used before but as I have several different Smart devices in the home (including Sensibo), I hope to be able to set this up successfully for all my devices. Most devices have been automatically “found”, obviously not the Sensibo one.

Thank you to @Brutalboy who it seems has done and awesome job in successfully getting Sensibo to play nice with SmartThings which is awesome! (Not sure why Sensibo don’t do this themselves?).

Anyway I am hoping someone could spare a little bit of their time to step out the best current method on exactly how to add my 4 Sensibo Sky devices to SmartThings. I’ve looked through the thread and Im completely lost on what I actually need to do AND which are the most recent/up-to-date steps/links I need to follow.

I would so very much appreciate if someone could write out a quick step-by-step guide on what I need to do in simple English for someone who is not in the know with all this stuff! If there’s already an easy to follow step-to-step guide somewhere in the thread could you please point me to it.

Thank you so much!


I am really busy at this moment. I will try to help you over the week end or next week


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Hi Eric

Totally did not expect for you to do it, can imagine how busy you are already.

Was referring to anyone else out there who had the time.

Use the repo linked in this post above

And read this thread to learn more about the use of custom code in SmartThings

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Here the steps (use the repository at

To install:

1- Connect to with your account
2- Go to "My SmartApps"
3- Click “New SmartApps” and use FROM CODE method and paste the SmartApp code
4- Click “Save” and "Publish for me"
5- Go to "My Device Types"
6- Click “New Device Type” and use FROM CODE method and paste the devicetype code
7- Click “Save” and "Publish for me"
8- On your device, go in marketplace - SmartApps - My Apps and select Sensibo (Connect)
9- Get your api key from

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Thank you for taking the time to help step me through this process.

This is going to highlight how little I understand. For Step 3 (and 6), where exactly do I copy the SmartApp/DeviceType code from - Im not sure where/what I should be copying? Sorry its probably very obvious to someone who knows what their doing - I obviously have no idea. Could you point me in the right direction please to get the 2 pieces of code to paste.

I went to but have absolutely no idea what that is! I downloaded the zip file but still couldn’t find any Code there.

I assume once I paste the SmartApp and DeviceType code, the Sensibo (Connect) will appear in My Apps as per Step 8?

Also not to waste time, in regards to Step 9, I went to the link and logged in, but there were no API keys listed? Will this only be available after I do the other Steps first or should I be seeing some sort of key/number? Under “Your API keys” there is nothing under “Name” or “Key”.

Sorry Im sure you have much better things to deal but really appreciate your time and help.

In the GitHub repo you have to click the “raw” button and then copy the code from there (for both the smartapp and the device handler).

Did you read the FAQ I linked to? It explains how to install a custom device handler and smartapp in step-by-step detail.

As for the API key, on the sensibo website you have to create a new api key. Then copy the key that it spits out into your smartapp.

For the SmartApp code:
Go there and copy all the code in the clipboard and paste it at step 3

For the Device Handler code :

Go there and copy all the code in the clipboard and paste at step 6

Once you have done step 4 and 7, at step 8, you will see the “Sensibo (Connect)” available.

For Step 9, click Add key


Hi Mark

Just wanted to say thanks so much for the help. Great news is that I managed to get it to work thanks to @Brutalboy and yourself.

I did read the FAQ but I was still kind of lost. If @Brutalboy didn’t post the exact links to the exact code I would still be a bit lost on where to have gone tbh!!!

But all good and thank you again!

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Thank you thank you thank you!!! For writing the code to this and teaching me how to use it. So awesome! I haven’t had much time to play with it but it seems to be working - managed to add all 4 pods and get them to turn on and off etc.

Only issue is I intermittently have issues controlling the fan speed of the units. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Not sure if its because my units have 5 modes being - “quiet, slow, med, fast and auto” where when using the App it seems to be only “slow, med, fast and auto”. Im thinking it might be when the unit is set to quiet and I turn it on that the fan function doesn’t work. Not 100% on this - will keep playing and let you know :slight_smile:

but thank you - its pretty awesome to be able to integrate this with SmartThings - esp since I have no idea what im doing !!!

My stuffs do not support quiet mode at this moment. Low, medium, high and auto are supported.


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Thanks for confirming. When you say MyStuff is that SmartThings that does not support quiet mode? So that’s probably why sometimes when I turn the unit on using SmartThings I cannot change the Fan speed - it must be set to Quiet mode. But if it is not, then I can change it.

Thank you!

My integration do not include quiet mode. My code itself do not take care of it. Smartthing has nothing to do with it. I may include this mode later on.


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Thanks for confirming Eric. If you ever decide/have the time to include it please tag me :)) It would be awesome to have it working perfectly!


I recently setup a Sensibo Sky pod and so far so good. One question, how do you stop the notifications in the SmartThings app? Every hour I get a push notification on the Sensibo pod. I don’t see a way in the device in SmartThings to configure this. I suspect I am just missing something obvious but I can’t figure out what. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


PS - thank you for all the work on the smartapp and device handler. Also thank you for the explanation on the Sensibo device sync. I was confused on how the Sensibo, and the heat pump unit would sync if the heat pump remote was used

Please ignore my question above; I figured out where the hourly notifications where set for the Sensibo pods in SmartThings. I should have realized it was within the Smartapp portion :flushed:



First, I want to thank you for all your hard work! My problem is an odd one, got a new Sensibo SkyV2, installed w/o problem and installed your handler and smartapp w/o issue. Everything seemed to be working fine, until suddenly my Zwave Yale T1L smart lock using Rboys custom DH and Smartapp (actually the smartapp) started receiving a phantom lock command every five minutes, couldn’t figure out what was causing it…finally realized the last thing I installed was the sensibo and checked the logs and just before the phantom lock command was sent the sensibo was doing it’s polling. So I deleted it, the DH and the Smartapp and it stopped…any thoughts as to what could be causing this? I know you’re an extremely
busy person and provide this for free, but when you have some time, would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, again!

My smartapp is doing polling every 15 minutes by default (can be changed in the code) but I do not see why it is causing issue. You will have to contact Rboys on this. Maybe related to their code.