Sensibo and SmartThings Hub and multi sensors to shut off a/c when not in use?

The new one.


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In the Classic app you could use a smarapp called “virtual device creator”.

Are you familiar with using the IDE? Without that smartapp we will have to create the virtual switch in the IDE itself.

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Here is a youtube video on how to create a virtual switch


Well…that was very simple, thank you Steve.

Now…I’m confused about where to start to set up the delay feature I need so badly.

Right now the door sensors thru ST hub…using ifttt…turns off my a/c.

I’m thinking I need to change the IFTTT to “flip the switch” on my virtual switch…and create the delay and the live happily ever after? haha

Am I on the right track?

You want to use the virtual switch to turn the AC on/off. When the door opens or closes you wait the 5 minutes before changing the state of the virtual switch to match the door being opened our closed.

That make sense?

I do something similar in our bedroom.
When the ceiling fan turns on the motion sensor is deactivated. When the fan turns off in the morning I wait 5 minutes before the motion sensor works again so that the lights don’t come on right away and blind us.

My morning delay is also tied into the bedroom door and bathroom door being open/closed too.

Anyway, you can do this all in the native smart lighting or webCore. With smart Iighting I think you will need at least one more virtual switch. I would have to go back and look at my automations.

I’m missing something here…

I have a Samsung Multi Sensor that tells ST Hub the door is open…then because I created an Applet in IFTTT, it tells Sensibo, which tells my a/c to turn off.

So now do I need to create an applet using IFTTT that will …“if” the door/window is open, “then” using the virtual switch, shut off a/c…again through Sensibo device. And somewhere along the way…create a delay of 15 minutes.

Virtual switch on - AC turns off
Virtual switch off - AC turns on
Door sensor not used in IFTTT

Door opens - wait 15 minutes - turn on virtual switch
Door closes - wait 15 minutes - turn off virtual switch

Does the above make sense?

I’ll look back at my automations when I get a few minutes and post how I set up the delay.


I went into create a new applet in ifttt…my options are:

switched on

switched off




If I choose Switched off…it asked for which device. And I have no options…none of my window or door sensors…or my virtual switch. So I can’t create a trigger.

I was hoping I could create the applet so…if door opened, then switch virtual switch and the 15 minutes countdown would begin and then turn off the a/c (which is done with IFTTT using Sensibo).

I’m dead in my tracks…


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I don’t think you can do the delay itself in IFTTT. I am pretty sure the delay is going to require rules in smartthings. If I’m incorrect maybe someone will chime in and correct me.

As for nothing showing up, you have to tell smartthings what devices to share with IFTTT. This is done in the IFTTT service in the connected services section of the smartthings app.

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Ok. Baby steps.

Created an IFTTT applet, if door open switch Virtual switch off.

Now need to figure out how get virtual switch to shut off a/c through Sensibo and create that delay.

Let’s start over.

In Smartthings:
If door opens
Wait xx minutes
Turn off virtual switch

If door closes
Turn on virtual switch

If virtual switch turns on
Turn on sensibo

If virtual switch turns off
Turn off sensibo

You don’t do anything with the door contact sensor in IFTTT.

You can use power allowance in smart lighting to do what you want. It’s going to require the use of a 2nd virtual switch. My grandson is here now. I’ll try and mock up the automations later.


I’m using new SmartThing app.

When I open it up…the home page shows the sensors, hub and virtual switch.
To get the door sensor to start the timer and switch the virtual switch off…I assume I need to create an automation. Right?

The delay/time issue…in creating a custom automation…my only options in ST is a specific time or a period of time.

No option for a 15 minute delay that i can see.

OMG…i did find the delay…

I think I created the automation…“if” the front door opens, turn the virtual switch off.

But I don’t think I have the virtual switch controlling the Sensibo unit yet…let me work on that…getting closer…baby steps.

Dang…one step forward, two steps back.

I really didn’t want the a/c to shut off 10 minutes (max delay in app)…if people are just coming in or our, the air will shut off.

What I need is the virtual switch to turn the a/c off if the door REMAINS OPEN more than 10 minutes…

So at the moment my challenge is how to set the delay so the virtual switch will shut off a/c ONLY if a door or window sensor stays open more than 10 minutes.

So I have now when a door or window opens the sensor goes open and a/c shuts off.

I created the virtual switch, but all it does is delay shutting it off after ten minutes.

My challenge is … “if” the sensor is in the “open” mode more than 10 minutes, then shut off a/c.

Using new ST app…I can’t see any way to do that.

Maybe with IFTTT?

My grandson is still here, going to stay with Grandpa tonight.

If the custom automation creator worked like it should, you would be on the right track. It won’t work. The custom automation creator will always process the delay even if the trigger condition changes (door closes) in less than the time alloted… I found this out the hard way just like you have. I consider it a bug but it may have been designed that way.

To do this without using WebCORE (and the Classic app) it has to be done in smart lighting. I am doing something similar with my bedroom lighting (a delay on after a set of conditions) so I’m confident it can be done but, it will take at least two, maybe three virtual switches and a few separate automations.

I have been thinking about this today and I am going to have to write it out and create the rules. Your situation if just different enough that I can’t just post what I have done or tell you how to code it. I need to put it in action and see it work.

It will probably be a few days before I get it finished. Between the grandson and the honey do list I have a few things going on.

If you were using the classic app and WebCORE, the minions on the WebCORE forum could probably whip this out in 10 minutes.

Here is what you need to do in the “Smart Lighting” smart app to get your AC delay.

First, you need to create two virtual switches. I named them “AC Timer” & “AC Status”

When you set up these Switches, have your door closed, turn off “AC Timer” and turn on “AC Status”. Even if you don’t do this, the switches will sync themselves if you open and close the door.

You will need to share the virtual switch, “AC Status”, with IFTTT using the IFTTT smart app in Smartthings.

You will use “AC Status” in IFTTT to turn your Sensibo On & Off.

Your applets should be as follows:
If “AC Status” is ON then turn ON Sensibo
If “AC Status” is OFF then turn OFF Sensibo

Listed below are the five automations that you will need for the “smart lighting” smart app (click on each automation to see the entire screenshot):

I used a 1 minute delay. Obviously, you will need to set this for the number of minutes that you require.

I tested this and it works.

You will need to keep in mind though that if Smartthings, the internet, or power goes down, the AC may not turn off if the door is left open and may not turn back on if the door is closed when service is restored.

Also, the virtual switches could get out of sync during a Smartthings, internet, or power outage. They will re-sync when the door is opened and closed but it’s something to be aware of nonetheless.

Good Luck… Steve

Hello I am new on this and planning to buy Sensibo and sensors. Would the same concept work with motion sensors? Let’s say I want to turn off A/C through sensibo if no motion detected in the room for let’s say 30 mn.
Even more noob question, do I need to have smart plugs with Sensibo, or ST does the control directly?