Sensibo and SmartThings Hub and multi sensors to shut off a/c when not in use?

Here is what you need to do in the “Smart Lighting” smart app to get your AC delay.

First, you need to create two virtual switches. I named them “AC Timer” & “AC Status”

When you set up these Switches, have your door closed, turn off “AC Timer” and turn on “AC Status”. Even if you don’t do this, the switches will sync themselves if you open and close the door.

You will need to share the virtual switch, “AC Status”, with IFTTT using the IFTTT smart app in Smartthings.

You will use “AC Status” in IFTTT to turn your Sensibo On & Off.

Your applets should be as follows:
If “AC Status” is ON then turn ON Sensibo
If “AC Status” is OFF then turn OFF Sensibo

Listed below are the five automations that you will need for the “smart lighting” smart app (click on each automation to see the entire screenshot):

I used a 1 minute delay. Obviously, you will need to set this for the number of minutes that you require.

I tested this and it works.

You will need to keep in mind though that if Smartthings, the internet, or power goes down, the AC may not turn off if the door is left open and may not turn back on if the door is closed when service is restored.

Also, the virtual switches could get out of sync during a Smartthings, internet, or power outage. They will re-sync when the door is opened and closed but it’s something to be aware of nonetheless.

Good Luck… Steve