Sensi Thermostat Service Down?

Anyone else experiencing a problem with their Sensi Thermostat tonight? Mine is connected to my wifi, but not connecting to Sensi. Internet at the house is working fine for everything else. I can also access the my Sensi account online. Restarting my Uverse Gateway didn’t resolve the issue. Nothing mentioned on Sensi’s support site, but don’t expect much.

I was hoping one of my ST brethren could confirm if their Sensi Thermostat is connecting fine or not.


No issues here. I was able to access the thermostat with the Sensi app and through Smartthings.

When I first saw this, I was OK. Now I am offline for both ST and SENSI apps. They must be doing some sort of rolling upgrade.

Thanks. I emailed Sensi support last night and woke up to find your confirmation as well as a reply from Sensi explaining that they had experienced issues overnight and should be resolved. My Sensi is working again.

Same here.

Ever since last week-ends failures, I have regained control via Sensi; however, the SmartThings integration has had significantly more off-line states than before. Currently off-line again (for about the third time). Has Sensi changed their portal or updated the software recently? Other issues?

When they had the outage I noticed that they were planning an upgrade soon
that would cause some disruption. I can’t recall when that was going to
happen. My Sensi ST integration seems ok but I may not use it frequently
enough to notice spotty performance.

Thanks. Summer in Texas and I think my AC is going out (not cooling quite right and spike in consumption compared to a year ago). So, I am watching more.

This post is a year old. But today I am experiencing the same problem with my Sensi Touch Thermostat. It keeps going offline and rebooting. My AC keeps going off and on. Not sure what is going on. But I am about to go and buy a Nest thermostat.

I ended up switching to a simple ZTS-500 zwave thermostat a few months ago after Sensi changed their API and broke the Smartthings integration.

I found out that the condensation line was clogged. My system has the aquaguard ag-3000e and I notice the red light was on. This the second time this happens to me. First time I left the porch door open for too long. And this time was the garage door. Even that I had the door closed it still clogged the line. I was able to fix it by using a shop vac. Once the line was cleaned the thermostat started working. I even bought the Nest E, which I might be returning. I’ve been happy with the Sensi Touch Thermostat. But I heard is better to use a hose. Lesson learned, don’t leave the doors open with the AC on.