Sense check before starting (UK)

Hi all, I’m in the process of buying my first flat, but before I start down the automation route I want to make sure I can do what I want.

Lighting seems to be a good place to start. I’m in the UK which limits my options for switches but if I understand correctly, the fibbaro dimmer 2 will go behind any existing light switches, allow me to still use the physical switch, but also have it controlled by sensors it the app?
The scenario I have in mind for example is have a light turn on when motion is detected, use the physical switch to turn it off, come back to the room and use the switch to turn it back on then have it turn off if no motion is detected after a certain amount of time. (It’s a clunky example but I’m mostly interested getting the concept right, and keeps things intuitive for guests).

If I have a 2 gang switch, I would be able to assign a scene to the 2nd switch and for example turn on other connected light bulbs to a certain dimming level/color, maybe depending on the time of day all at the same time, as well as turn on connected plugs?

I’m aware that I may need to use webcore or something similar for the more advanced rules.

Is my understanding correct and can I start spending all my money on this :grinning:?

Why not use smart bulbs instead? Save you re-wiring.


I will probably use them in some places, but for the main lights I’d like to keep physical switches, mainly for family/guests. (And until I actually know what I’m doing!) If I go for smart bulbs I’ll also need to have smart switches or buttons, and blank out the standard one so they don’t get out of sync. Re wiring won’t be an issue.

Yes, you are good with all that. The Fibaro Dimmers are en excellent piece of kit. I use modules everywhere and no smart bulbs anywhere. This makes the system people friendly and allows me to use standard bulbs.

Thanks @siwilson, good to know i’m on the right track!

Every lamp in my house is LIFX. Very user friendly, every room has motion detection. Set up a few rules and it works a treat. Nobody ever has to touch a switch. But they are there if necessary. I set my whole set up to be able to be moved with me. I don’t want to hard wire.

My personal preference has typically always been modules like the Fibaro Dimmer (currently on a combination of the V1 and V2, all of which are still going strong after 3-4 years in some cases). Main reason is that bulbs have the problem where killing them at the switch means you can’t automate them into an On state, and also because almost everywhere we have downlights and that quickly gets silly expensive if you’re paying per bulb.

Lamps on the other hand, I usually splice in a Fibaro Dimmer onto the cable (replacing the in-line switch) and enclose it in a ChocBox.

One thing though - Aurora have just released their range of Smart Lighting stuff and it looks excellent, covers all the bases! I have the non-smart Aurora LED fittings everywhere and they’re fantastic lamps.

Aone looks great. UK sockets and switches. And an API too. Looking forward to seeing the cost.