Sensative Stripe - Config Help?

I’ve checked the code of both DTHs and they do not change the wakeup interval so the device is waking up at the same interval with both DTHs. The regular DTH doesn’t create an event every time it wakes up which is why you only see those events when using the plus DTH.

The checkinterval value shown in the IDE has nothing to do with how often the device actually wakes up. The DTH sets that value to the interval it thinks the device should check in and SmartThings uses it to determine when to ping the device and mark it offline.

I think I read somewhere that attaching it to anything metal will drain the batteries.

Mine was attached to a wooden gate. So not near anything metal. I think the issue lies with the materials of the house?
So how it can’t get a decent signal thru!? A pain in the a@@…

When I open or close, it doesn’t always pick up and you notice about 5 consecutive flashes. Think this indicates that it’s struggling to get a response from hub etc. So probably ends up continually searching thus draining the battery down! Have no clue how to resolve it…
The strip only lasted 6minths going from 100 down to 15% and now 1%.

It sounds like you’re an early adopter and got one of the first batch of Strips, I think there was a firmware issue on some of the first ones, over a year ago, the same thing happened to me, going to 1%, crazy flashes, and false alerts, that’s when you know you have a faulty device, I replaced it, and the new one has been rock solid and still showing 100%.

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I’ve had 3 of these strips installed, in each of my exterior doors, for about 4 months or so now. I have tried to position them properly, but I keep getting false positives. I am hoping I can find a resolution here, rather than move to a different product.

My symptoms are… they will work fine, and then on hot day (or cold night) – without the door moving – will report the door as open. I’ll check the door, but it’s closed. Sometimes, I can even open the door, and then close it again immediately, and it will then report close.
I’ve repositioned the magnet a couple times, trying to make the gap smaller, but it never seems to permanently fix it.

Since I use these sensors to ARM/DISARM SHM, it’s critical that these work perfectly and not have false positives. (My wife is not very happy with alarms going off in the middle of the night!)

Any ideas how to fix this? Is there a DH that allows the thresholds (of what “open” or “closed” mean) to be modified?

Appreciate any assistance with this. Oh yeah, I’m running the default “Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor” DH.


I’m using this a different DH for my strips and not getting any issues. (Screenshot below).
One on my patio door and one on my garage side door.
I’m in UK so the highest we’ve had is around 30C and the lowest around -7C.
Never had any issues.

I don’t see anything in your screenshot.

Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor Modified.

Hey @doncaruana I tried your device handler and I set the LED to off. I made the sure the device synced. However when I test it the LED still blinks when I open and close the door. I tried on two different strips. Did this ever work for you?

I’ll be honest - it’s been so long since I messed with this, I couldn’t be completely sure. However, I thought it did. But samsung keeps making changes too, so it might have messed something up. I’ll try to get around to looking at this again in the next week or so.

I got it to work. My problem was that your device handler showed that the changes were synced when I triggered a a tamper alert by putting the magnets on both sides. I tried waking up the device that way because it was easier than putting a magnet on the round side 3 times within 10 seconds which can be kind of finicky. Once I figured out how to do it properly the LED stopped turning on.