Sensative strip open/close state problem


I’ve had a number of sensitive strips in use throughout my last home. I recently moved, so I didn’t hesitate to purchase new strips for this house. This time, however, I encountered a weird problem.

One of the strips on my front gate is permanently showing ‘open’ - I just thought I messed up the magnet placement and I would deal with it this weekend. Lo and behold, as I looked into it today - it’s not that the magnet placement is wrong, it’s that the strip has its state flipped: it’s showing open when closed, and closed when open. I’ve never seen that before with these strips (and I’ve had about 15 of them)… Does anyone have any suggestion short of resetting the strip?


What “strips” exactly are you referring to?

The following are a popular open/close zwave sensor and are on the official “works with SmartThings” list.

The report would be controlled by the DTH. Are you using the official one? Or a custom?

My guess would be that there’s been a change to the DTH and it just got reversed by mistake. You might also check in the IDE and see if there’s a difference between operating locally or not between The ones that are working and the ones that are not.

In either case, since these are on the official list, as long as you are using the stock DTH I would just contact support and have them look at it.

If by chance you are using a custom DTH, try using the stock version instead and see if that fixes it.

I thought, since it wasn’t capitalized, that “sensitive” was an adjective, not a proper noun. LMAO. It does clear up confusion as to why he was being so mean to these strips. In my head all i could hear was “These strips are so sensitive!!!” LMAO Like what, do they cry at movies or something?
Mrs. Swan in 4th grade said that grammar was important and dog-gone it, she was right! :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the assist JD. :+1:

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Yeah, that’s an autocorrect thing. It happens to pretty much everybody who tries to refer to the strips by the correct name, “Sensative Strips.” :sunglasses:

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Ryan: the brand name is called sensitive strips.

Thanks JD - not a custom, it’s the official one. I will reach out to them, thanks

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Also just checked the IDE again. There is no difference between the strip that has it’s state flipped and the others that I have in the house

What about local vs cloud operation? Are both running in the same place?

I believe that was the issue, as JD pointed out.

The thread title spells the name of the device correctly, but your autocorrect keeps changing sensative to sensitive in all of your posts.

For those not familiar with this particular brand name, it’s a bit confusing.


yes they are. I just reached out to the sensitive strips support, I’ll let you know what they say

And you are still proactively spelling the product incorrectly which makes me think you are doing it on purpose, plus the word should be capitalized so we know you are talking about a specific name/thing, like this … Sensative Strip. You’re FAR too nice JD, autocorrect is not an excuse.


I’m pretty sure the company is going to tell you to check with SmartThings support, although it could be a defective device, you never know. Have you had a chance to report it to ST support yet?

Autocorrect is always an excuse. :wink:

Seriously, though, quite a few community members rely on input methods which make correcting autocorrect difficult. I myself use voice recognition software, which means lots of weird capitalization and some words which are just really hard to get right. :scream: We have at least one community member who uses toes, not fingers, to type. They understandably just let autocorrect go uncorrected.

At this point I think everyone in the thread is aware that the company name has an “a” not two “i”'s–I wouldn’t worry about any further confusion by now.

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Wow. Seriously?

Actually, the Sensative (there, all capitalized and spelled incorrectly for those who like to complain) folks were very helpful. They’ve seen it on a few units. I had to do an exclusion then complete reset - the state is correct now. No really explanation of how it got that way - but I suspect that (because this device is at the edge of my network) it probably got it’s state confused when it was sending info over to the ST hub. Just a guess, though.