Sengled Zigbee Smart Plugs w Energy Monitoring - Unable to Control

Sometime after 5PM ET or so all of my Sengled plug drivers were apparently migrated to new drivers. Unfortunately I now can’t control any of them even though they show up in my SmartThings app and are still listed in the IDE. They don’t show up as offline but I can’t control them.
I suppose I need to delete and re-add them? I’ll try that with one of them to see if it resolves the problem.

So, I had a spare Sengled plug. I plugged that one in and went thru the process to add it. I picked Sengled as the manufacturer but did not scan the QR code. It took a long time but did add it and at that point all the rest of my Sengled plugs were working fine again. Not sure why it worked that way but I won’t argue with success…LOL

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