Sengled Smooth dimming

I am looking for a device handler that will let me use smooth dimming with sengled classic bulbs when I turn them on/off. I am currently using the GE Link Bulb DH and it works well for manual dimming in the app but not when turning it on/off.


Sengled Classic bulbs don’t have ramping built into their On/Off scheme, but they DO have it in their Set Level command. So just use Set Level 100% to turn on, and Set Level 0% to turn off, and they’ll produce a smooth transition.

Hi James, sorry if this is a lame question, but how do you go about setting Set Level 100/0 when on/off respectively?

This would need to be done with some kind of automation app. Like “if motion detected, then using bulb, set level to 100%”

You could do it using the physical switch, but that would be a bit trickier, especially if you have the bulb wired directly to the switch.