Sengled Element Touch power restore state

I have a Sengled Element Touch bulb in each of our bedside lamps. It’s had a surprisingly high WAF. Until today.

We’re in south central Texas where a combination of once in a generation weather and benign neglect of the power grid has us under rolling blackouts. For the last 24 hours and probably the next 24, we’ve had power on for roughly one hour out of three.

The Sengled Element Touch powers itself on when power is restored regardless of its state when power was lost. So every 3 hours all night, the bedside lamps would come on. Eero routers, SmartThings Hub, and Alexa lagged behind by a several minutes so no immediate voice control or automation.

I’m not finding any setting for the bulb to make it retain state from when it lost power. Anybody know of such a setting and how to access it?