sendPush message huge delay (January 8 2019)

Starting sometime today, I am getting up to 10 minutes delay from the time my Smartapp executes the statement sendPush msg to the time any of my (iOs and Android)devices actually receive it. Normally the delay is less than 3 seconds. Worst case 5 seconds.

To test this a bit further I created a simple app with only 1 sendPush statement in the functions installled(), initialized() and updated() Huge delays measured in minutes.

Anyone else notice this problem today??

It’s been that way for months on my system. Basically useless.

Hmm. I have not had any issues until today. Used to work just fine. I am continuing with more tests but it almost appears that the delays are 10 minutes on the nose. Odd

UPDATE" I sent 3 sendPush msgs, one right after the other, The first took 8 minutes while the last arrived after 10 minutes. In case someone want to suggest there is a network problem on my end, I tested a similar process on a remote server and these messages arrive almost immediately.

Same complaints today in the wc community.

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In my case they haven’t been very timely in a long time. Usually a few minutes behind the event. From other discussions on this forum it appears it is an Android issue more than anything. I have other apps that don’t seem to have the problem, its just with ST. And I’ve verified all the battery settings, etc. I believe, and this just my thought, that there is something that can be done in the app programming and ST hasn’t done it.

But it sounds like you and others are experiencing something new.

Well, it sounds like someone at ST was listening (or reading this thread). I am now getting my messages immediately. Lets hope it stays that way :wink:

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I just tested it on IOS - no delay

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