Sending unsupported zwave commands

I’m trying to send a WakeUp.WAKE_UP_NO_MORE_INFORMATION command to an old, sleepy, zwave device. That command doesn’t appear to be implemented in Edge so I’m trying to force it through. The code below goes through without errors and shows that it’s queued for transmission, but there’s no TRANSMIT_COMPLETE_OK for the transmission. Am I doing this right or is this crashing quietly without being sent?

local zw = require "st.zwave"

local cmd = zw.Command(0x84, 0x08, "")

If Edge drivers work the same as Groovy DTH then it can’t be sent as of hub firmware 36.X


Thanks. I was able to get a TRANSMIT_COMPLETE_OK on a ManufacturerProprietary command using the same code, so I’d say you’re correct that the hub blocks the WAKE_UP_NO_MORE_INFORMATION from going out.