SendhubCommand to php file

Can I use sendHubCommand() to send a string of parameters to a php file. In the browser such url might look like$len=345&fname=logfile

My original smartapp had been using httpGet() with a url such as$len=345&fname=logfile

Recently my ISP in all their wisdom assigned us a “local” ip ( and eventhough we still access the wan I can no longer get at my server from outside. The “no-ip” service picks up the wan number but its useless because it does not point specifically to our lan. Without being able to reach my server from the outside the HttpGet() is useless and I need an alternative. Help!!!

Are you saying that NAT based incoming Port Forwarding has been disabled by your ISP?

i.e., you can’t map wanIP:9000 to internalIP:80

I presumed such a constraint was possible, but have never encountered it as long as I had control over my own internal Router

The modem provided by my ISP 2 years ago had been in bridged mode. My own router had port forwarding enabled. Last week my ISP implemented a new/revised internet package and changed (unbeknownst to us) the modem from bridge to router. When I insisted they set it back to Bridged they refused saying it wasn’t possible with the new package. As an interim step I enabled port forwarding on the modem.

After 4 days of arguing with them a technician, who actually understood my problem, found the solution. Gave me a new modem that I can personally set in any mode I see fit :slight_smile: So, I am back in business. However…

I still would like to know how I can replace httpGet(“”) with the sendHubCommand()

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