sendEvent() / createEvent() Option "translatable"

In looking at the DTH docs under sendEvent() and createEvent(), I can see that there are several parameters for the map that you pass into the functions (for example, see:

In the docs, there is a documented option called isStateChange and its functionality is clear enough.

However, in some of the stock DTHs, I see the following:

    def eventMap = [
    	name: "presence",
    	value: present ? "present" : "not present",
    	linkText: linkText,
    	descriptionText: descriptionText,
    	translatable: true
	log.debug "Creating presence event: ${device.displayName} ${} is ${eventMap.value}"

What is “translatable” and how does that differ from the documented isStateChange? I didn’t see any indications that the parameter was changed but then I don’t see any documentation on translatable at all. Anyone have any ideas?

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While this is a lazy guess; I have to post it:

It may mean that the message in the event is literally translatable to other written languages. Samsung is a global company and is steadily building out localization and internationalization into their architecture.

(This may or may not be an actual example.)