Send IEEE_ADDRESS request in DTH

I wanted to know if it is possible to send out an IEEE_ADDRESS request to a ZigBee router (like ZDP_IEEEAddrReq) from my DTH - what’s the code for this?

And if so, then how I could I handle the response from the router so that I can see the Router List/Table (I was told that an IEEE_ADDRESS response would show this list)?

When you say ZigBee router I’m assuming you mean a ZigBee device with routing capabilities.
Check out section and of the ZigBee specifications document (ClusterID=0x8031)

I mean to send an IEEE_ADDRESS from SmartThings programming side (I was told that an IEEE_ADDRESS response would show this list) - Device Type Handler. I don’t know how to do this.

But as you mentioned, it appears that “Mgmt_Lqi_rsp” will also provide the “NeighborTableList”. So is it possible to do this from SmartThings programming side?

“Router” is a specific zigbee term for what we typically call a “repeater” in a multi platform context to avoid confusion with the Internet router. In Zigbee, a device is either a “router,“ an “end device,“ or a “coordinator.“

The OP is asking how to get the network address tables (network topology) From various devices on a smartthings zigbee network.

As far as I know, smartthings does not provide any way of mapping its networks just with the hub. In the past, what people have done is add a separate device and use its mapping features. But that’s more for troubleshooting than some device – specific function. See the following FAQ for more details (this is a clickable link).



Could you elaborate about what this means?

I already gave you the link that has the details on that method. Just click on that link.

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Since you said this, I wondered if it is possible to do this…

Is it possible to do ZigBee Mgmt_Lqi_req (or any other ZigBee related requests) from a SmartThings programming side?

Possibly, never tried reading this cluster, you’ll have to use the ZigBee commands. See the documentation here from ST to on how use ZigBee commands. It’s possible you’ll have to use raw commands and also refer to the cluster library specification I pointed to earlier. Start with the ZigBee readAttribute


Unfortunately you won’t be able to receive the IEEE Address Response or the Mgmt_Lqi_Rsp because we consume those messages on the hub so they are not passed up to the DTH. Ideally we’d provide a map of the network but we don’t have that feature right now. However the XBee & XCTU does work well for this purpose.