Send alert when any one of multiple windows is open and it is raining

I would like to receive an alert when any one of multiple windows is open and it is raining. Is there any way to do this in a single routine? I was thinking of adding the open/close sensors as preconditions to the weather, but it doesn’t allow me to select an any condition option for preconditions like it does for regular conditions. This seems like it would be an common use case. Does anyone have any ideas?

The link below should give you the clues needed to right your automations.

Use the combined contact sensor as your precondition and weather (rain) as the trigger.

I don’t know about single routine, but probably Rules API could handle complex routines like this one.

It can, but it doesn’t seem to support notifications in the public API. To be fair it doesn’t claim to in the docs, but there is a collection on Postman that suggests otherwise.

So the reality is you may still need a Routine for the alert.

I find this particularly annoying as I now have an IKEA speaker that allows me to gleefully junk a Tasker/AutoRemote solution but I not only have to use Routines (which makes me puke), but I have a choice between Korean and US English for voices in the Routines (the TTS and PlayText API supports lots, lots more).

I do this with couple routines and one Virtual Contact sensor. 1st routine that I use for many other routines is IF Any window or door is open THEN Virtual Contact sensor is Open. IF all Windows and Doors are closed THEN close virtual contact sensor.
Now you can create your routine and use this Virtual contact sensor as precondition, and change in Weather condition to Rainy to get alerts.
I use another simimilar routine to turn on and off A/C.
Anyway that Virtual contact sensor can be used now in many other routines, including security.
I have couple similar virtual devices that group other same capabilitiy devices into one, like presence, and motion sensors, etc.
Many times when using grouping device, it’s easier to change routines, and also to add and remove devices, as you need to add them to grouping virtual device and you will not looose any routines.

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Others have given you lots of good advice on methods for doing this, but I did just want to add as someone who uses an automation like this that we ended up finding it much more useful to get a notification for each individual window that was open even though it meant having a lot more automations.

We have 12 rooms with windows that might be open. Knowing that it’s the laundry room window versus the guest bedroom just saves us a lot of time. Obviously up to you.

(Of course if the app were more voice navigable then I could just check the app to see which one was open, but I don’t have that option.)

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This is what I do. If I get notification, I just check the app for which window is open

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