Selling My Leviton Switches/Dimmers

I’ve switched out all of my Leviton z-wave switches for Lutron Caseta. Nothing was wrong with them (they worked great), but I wanted to expand to other switches that didn’t have neutrals.

[SOLD] 8 x Leviton DZS15 Z-Wave Switch [$25/each]
[SOLD] x Leviton VP0SR-1LZ Matching Remote (for 3-way installations) [free if you buy other switches]
[SOLD] x Leviton DZMX1Z-Wave Dimmer [$25/each]
2 x Leviton DZPA1 Plug-In Appliance Module [$20/each]

I have a bunch of single gang Lutron Claro faceplates too if anyone is interested.

Should mention that some of the switches do have the fins removed for installation in 2-gang boxes (this is required by the installation instructions). This does not affect the behavior at all, but does slightly reduce the load capacity. If you want to know specifics, PM me.

…and how do you use your brand new Caseta? That’s a bigger question. I have a bag full of replaced Lutron switches like your Leviton collection.

I’ve somewhat given up on automation and just use home control; the WAF was never great with automation due to confusion and reliability. With the Lutron switches I am using the new Home app in iOS 10, which is a pretty intuitive and responsive control dashboard…but automation is severely lacking.

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Confused on removed Fins and how they effect load?

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  1. Is de-rating required when installing more than one Dimmer in the same wallbox?
    De-rating may be required if you have two or more dimmers sharing a wallbox. If you install more than one dimmer next to each other and are using incandescent bulbs, it is required that you reduce the load that each dimmer can control (de-rating). No de-rating is required when using dimmable LED or dimmable CFL bulbs in multi-dimmer installations. Refer to the de-rating chart in the dimmer instructions for maximum load per dimmer.

See section Multi-Device Application.


Do you still have the DZMX1 dimmers available?

Everything is still available.

I have updated the initial post with the status of what is sold/available.

Do any of the Vizia devices report amp or wattage usage to ST like the smart things outlet controller?

what about the Lutron or GE? Thinking about adding a couple smart outlets but would like to be able to track usage as well as control on/off