Selling a bunch of stuff: Schlage Lock, GE Bluetooth, GE AUX Toggle, Kidde Relay, GoControl Siren

cheaper than ebay or amazon.

(1) Schlage Connect BE469 Camelot - Brass
Opened, installed for a week before switching to different color at full price. Wife mandated. :unamused:

(3) GE Add on Switches - Toggle type (12728) – $11/ea. Or $10/ea if you buy 2-3.

  • 1: brand new
  • 1: new, opened box but never installed
  • 1: like new, it was installed for 2 weeks.

(1) GE Bluetooth plug in module GE 13867 - Brand New $20

(1) GoControl Siren (from a kit), like new, used (barely) WA105DBZ-1 $20

(1) Kidde SM-120x Integrated Smoke alarm relay (opened, never used) $8

  • The Schlage lock is like new. It is the newer model BE469. I bought it for what I’m selling it for, got a good deal. All fixtures in my house are oil rubbed bronze, and I put this on my entry door in the garage not thinking the color mattered. Wife was annoyed, said if I wanted to keep the smart lock I had to get the matching color. So I went out and bought the right color for full Price. Just looking to get what I paid for it, works flawlessly. All parts included.

  • The GE Aux switches were part of an auction I bought, I figured my wife wouldn’t care about a couple aux switches being toggle rather than paddle. She did… I installed the first one, and had just opened the second one when she said “what the hell is that”… imagine the rest… so in my house the WAF was zero even at the low price I got them for. Buy them for what I paid, that’s all. :frowning: the one I installed stayed less than 2 weeks till I had time to install the paddle I ordered. I can’t think of a single instance someone touched it.

  • I had the siren paired for all of a week, using the lights portion only for notifications in bedroom. I ended up getting a Hue kit and have expanded Hue and have voice notifications now through my whole home audio. I simply don’t need this.
    It was factory reset and I just don’t need it.

  • The relay was opened, I bought 2, ended up using one, and this was left over. I wired up a door contact sensor to the dry contact relay for connected smoke alarms. They have worked like a charm for 6 months. Do the same thing! It’s a great idea.

Trades welcome, make offers.
aeon minimotes, zigbee (ST supported) outlets, ge or leviton z-wave stuff, and maybe something I didn’t think of would be of interest.

Shipping is $4 each if bought separately, or $6.80 or total if multiple bought together. (Shipping on the relay is $2 instead of $4).

I take paypal, private transfer. I don’t want to pay fees. If you dont trust that and want to send it as payment, you pay the fees. Don’t care which. Your choice.

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I will take the 3 toggles from you. If they are still available.

Interested in this. Just want to confirm first that it does work with SmartThings?

Also, I know the add-on toggles have already been claimed, but I was wondering if you could explain more about how you got them in an auction.

SmartThings DOES NOT have Bluetooth enabled

Yes aux switches are spoken for.

No the Bluetooth module doesn’t currently work with ST.

As to the auction, it’s this silly little thing called eBay. Someone was selling lot of 4. As I said, I was gonna use them cause I got a good deal on them rather than getting the paddle type which actually match my switches.
Wife got pissed because it looked "stupid "
They were all brand-new when I bought them.
I bought them. I sold 1 already.

LOL, wow I feel dumb now. I haven’t bought anything in an ebay auction in so long that I forgot they still had those. I usually go to the storefronts or just use the buy now option. :blush:


Any Leviton smart switches?

I have leviton switches and dimmers. But they are all to go in my moms house when I head out there next month.

Only way i part with them is if they were straight swap for GE Dimmers and switches.

Still available?

Sorry, sold