Selections in previously working automation grayed out. Previously able to change

iPhone. Latest version of new iOS app. Not a new user. I went to go change a delay on an automation and everything is grayed out and can’t be changed. Any advice? Even if I toggle on/off it stays gray. It’s gray for all my automations for lights and switches in the “then” tabs. Not just 1. The automations still work, I just can’t change the specifics. Thanks in advance.

So I created a new automation in new app and it allowed me to enter the auto turn off. But when I went back in I was unable to edit the auto turn of time.

I have this ‘feature’ occur several times. I find that exiting the automation and going back in a few seconds later resolves the issue. Happens to me mostly straight after opening the app. If I give things 30 seconds or so to settle it works most every time.

The new app automations is quite buggy. Often when you try to create a new automation, all the devices don’t show up on the first try. I need to close the page and then open it again and then it shows me all the devices.

Infact, even for controls I’ve seen the same issue. Sometimes after selecting a device it won’t show all the “features” of the device. Close the page and open it again and then it shows all the features.
I suspect this is due to a server timeout, it doesn’t wait long enough to enumerate the devices and properties before returning leaving it half done.

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And they think the new app is ready to migrate to from the Classic app? :rofl::rofl: