Selecting Arrival Sensor crashes 2.4.0 App

For some reason I can’t select my Arrival Sensor in the 2.4.0 Android App (on either my Pixel XL phone or Pixel C tablet).
It is showing as unavailable in the App and selecting it just causes the App to exit (presumably crashing).
I have Device Health on, but looking in the IDE the arrival sensor is showing correctly as Present with 88% battery.
What appears to be strange in the IDE is that the status is showing as HUB_OFFLINE where-as the device is clearly working.

Here are the sections from the IDE:

Current States
battery: 88 %
presence: present
lqi: 100 %
rssi: -68 dBm

Same issue here with the app crash but I’ve not checked things out in the ide

Same here, I noticed the HUB_OFFLINE status a while ago but tried the app yesterday and it just crashes out.

Got the same thing here with 2. I have an extra that’s one of the older generation and aside from it’s normal flakeyness, IT seems to work fine…

FYI, I rebooted my hub and they seem to be working again. Noticed that there were quite a few other devices that had the red ‘!’ - I think they were mostly zigbee too… oh well…