Seeking Smart Curtain Beam Motion Detector

Application: My cell phone receives a notice when someone passes through a particular location in a hallway.
Ideally the curtain motion detector’s beam angle would be really skinny (one foot), or have an adjustable angle/detection range.

All recommendations are welcome! :slight_smile:

NYCE has a curtain motion sensor. Not sure how well it works with ST. I don’t have one so I haven’t tested, others may know. NYCE says they have a device handler for SmartThings.

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I have looked at using these with a dry-contact sensor or a contact sensor with exposed leads.

Is this what you’re looking for? I haven’t actually set something like this up but it would probably take a little fiddling.

Thanks @Ryan780 - I like how that set works, but it’s wired and I need a battery-operated solution. I’m going for @jeubanks suggestion (thanks @jeubanks) - the NYCE curtain motion sensor. It’s out of stock at Amazon, and it’s not at Ebay or any USA seller from what I can determine. I reached out to the manufacturer in Canada and they will get back to me about how I can buy one.

It’s extraordinary to me how few curtain motion sensors are out there. During my research I saw that businesses often use IR dual beam perimeter sensors. More complex, not “smart home”, and they often need an entire security system, it appears.

An acquaintance of mine told me he’s writing a piece about how easy it is (unfortunately) to break into electronic vehicles these days. My thought is … if I were worried about a vehicle break-in, I would want to sort-of hide a battery-operated motion detector in my car, and only turn it on when I lock the car (it would have a delay). When/if someone broke in, they sure would be startled! Too bad it couldn’t notify me by cell phone ('cause it would be too far away from the smart hub).

Do you have a DTH for ST? Or are you planning on using the generic zigbee one?

I researched “DTH” - it seems to stand for Direct To Home TV. I guess I don’t have that. I plan on using SmartThings Hub 2, which works with both Zigbee and Z-Wave. Generic is fine.

No that stands for Device Type Handler. It’s what tells smartthings how to interact with your device. Kind of like a PC’s drivers. Every device on ST has a Device Type Handler. You can see which one is being used if you log into the IDE (do you know what that is?). I think you need to do a little more learning about ST before you go trying something so advanced.

I plan on using the generic Zigbee DTH. Nope, I didn’t know what an IDE was. Now that I’ve read a bit about it at this great community, I know now. You are correct - I have a little more learning do to re: ST. A LOT more, truly. I am a complete Newbie. But I will learn - I’m good at learning. I’ve learned just enough to know what to try, and by trying I will learn by my mistakes. If you know of any good books to read on the subject, or any good webpages, clue me in … I’m willing to read and learn lots.

Thanks for your help and for everyone’s help! :slight_smile:

I read in this community that using SmartThings for security purposes is not recommended, and Scout, simplisafe, FrontPoint, and Abode were recommended instead of SmartThings for security purposes.

Are any of those recommended systems capable of sending push notifications to a cell phone, without having to pay a monthly monitoring fee?

(Please let me know if I should ask this question in a different category.)

I use iSmartAlarm which can. Integrate to ST via IFTTT. No monitoring but also no fees. It’s not the best system in the world but it works for what I need. Take a look, you might like it too.

Thanks! I looked into iSmartAlarm. I’m considering it but it won’t work if the power or internet goes down. Same with Scout, but if I buy Scout’s monthly monitoring ($10) it will work even if the power and internet goes down.

Scout: I asked Scout if their monitor would work with my z-wave sensors. Their reply: “The Scout hub will only pair with and work with Scout Alarm sensors and our published integrations.”

SimpliSafe requires a $25/month fee, in order to manage the system online.

FrontPoint requires the use of a keypad panel, but I need to be able to manage my home’s security (including the hub) directly from my cell phone.

Abode: I checked Abode’s list of sensors that it’s compatible with. It would not be compatible with my sensors.

I think this all leads me back to SmartThings Hub v2. Even though it’s not as reliable as the rest.

Anyones’/everyones’ input is welcome.

Did you find a solution for your curtain motion sensor problem? I have several Visonic Clip SMA sensors which I added to my home security system a few years ago… now I want to use them on my ST hub but I haven’t found the right DTH. Just wondering how your search is going.

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