See All Heat Setpoints for Stelpro Ki ZWave

I am brand new. Please be nice. First post. Is there a way to see all the setpoints for my Thermostats. I just updated my entire system to a dozen Stelpro Ki Thermostats and though it is nice to see the temperatures in rooms, I would like to see all the setpoints. I am sure this is very easy, but as stated, very new guy messing around with smart-homing. Thanks!

Can you explain what you mean.

The default view in SmartThings for thermostats is the current temperature (see image). If I click into the detail on one of my thermostats (see image), I get more info, including what the set point (or what temp the thermostat is set to).
I want to see what all my thermostats are set to (or as SmartThings calls it ‘the set points). Is there a way of getting the thermostat settings for my thermostats?
I am new, but have used a lot of Office VBA language, etc. so I am not afraid of programming. Was just wondering if there was a way to get the ‘cards’ to tell me set temperature instead of ambient temperature.
Thanks! Have a blessed day!

If you mean getting the setpoints on the summary page, then not yet. The layout is currently controlled by Smartthings and cannot be customized.

Thanks, just thought I would ask!

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