Security System setup reccomendation using ST

I currently have the ST hub and aeon labs multi sense sensor. I’m looking to have a setup where at bed time I enable a certain mode that will trigger an alarm through a sonos speaker if movement is detected. Obviously I don’t want this mode active when I’m up and about.

Does anyone have experience on an easy way to set something like this up? I appreciate any assistance, thanks.

My security setup uses “when things quiet down” utilizing motion sensors after a set time at night. For example, my system switches to night mode when motion stops after 11:30PM. If I am still up after that time the mode does not change until all the motion has stopped for 15 minutes. In night mode door sensors activate. Around 6AM in the morning when motion is sensed the mode is changed back to home and the door sensors are deactivated.

NOTE: This works well as long as the SmartThings servers are properly running.

what motion sensors are you using?
zwave or zigbee?

Using mostly the original SmartThings motion sensors which I think are zigbee but I am also using one of the Aeon Labs outdoor motion sensors as well.

using the aeon multi sensor only, big question is how do i create a mode say “Security Mode” that I can enable when I go to bed that makes it sound an alarm over sonos if motion is detected? I imagine it’s pretty easy but I can’t find a way.

Thanks for any help.

@infinitesummerh - I’m quite happy with the Smart Alarm app. Without any complicated setup it provides 3 modes and multiple zones. The three modes are home (disabled), away (armed) and stay (for night usage - only perimeter zones are armed). All you have to do to use it is have other activities or apps change modes, and it does the rest.