Security Monitoring: Noonlight vs Scout?


(Nick Marques) #1

Can anyone provide insight into choosing either of these services? I just picked up a panel and know they partnered with them…

However, I also realize SHM works with Scout.

Which is better integrated with Smartthings?



It depends how you define “better.“ :sunglasses:

The scout integration is official, which means support will help you with that if you have any problems. It also has access to some local processing components, although not many.

The noonlight integration is available as a third-party product which and I don’t believe counts as an official integration. So it all counts as custom code, it means smartthings support won’t help you with it and it can’t run locally.

Beyond that, the two are quite different products with different features, so you would have to look into that. I know you can get a monitoring certificate to give to your insurance company for intrusion alerts with scout, which might get you a small discount on your insurance policy (or might not, it varies a lot by company and location). I don’t know if noonlight does or not.

@heythisisnate is the developer for Konnected, and may be able to say more. :sunglasses:


BTW, If you are brand new to SmartThings, the best integrated security option is to get the ADT/SmartThings Security panel as your hub. If you follow any of the “security” links on the SmartThings site, they’ll take you to that model line now. The security monitoring features of that model are able to run locally and communicate with the monitoring center via cellular rather than relying on Internet. Also, it can do smoke and CO2 monitoring as well as intrusion alerts.

(Nick Marques) #4

ADT was never on my radar. I looked into it, but they are the company I am getting rid of. My non-connected system monitoring costs me $50/month, and every quote I get from them said it would cost more. I don’t want to spend a bunch on new wireless sensors when I already have wired.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #5

@heythisisnate arranged the coding of the (unofficial) integration between SmartThings and Noonlight.

He can perhaps speak to its particular advantages. Certainly it was built to help accommodate Customers who were not satisfied with only having one SmartThings alert monitoring option…

(Nate Clark) #6

Yes, I built the Noonlight integration and it’s “unofficial” whereas the Scout integration is built-in to SHM and maintained(?) by ST. Other key differences include:

  1. Noonlight can dispatch both police and fire department. Scout can only do police.
  2. Scout is $20/mo; Noonlight is half that price at $9.99/mo.
  3. Scout’s main business is selling their alarm system hardware product and they offer this monitoring integration as thing on the side, not much work or innovation has gone into it since it launched years ago. Noonlight’s main business is emergency and personal safety monitoring – so this is literally all they do and will continue to innovate in that space.
  4. The Scout integration only works with SHM. The Noonlight integration is implemented as a virtual switch, so you can use it with any automation that SmartThings can do, including via 3rd-party apps like WebCoRE or ActionTiles.
  5. Scout doesn’t work with the new SmartThings app. Noonlight works with both the Classic and the new app.

Thanks again for the ping @JDRoberts and @tgauchat

(Nick Marques) #7

@heythisisnate - Thanks for the detailed review. I’ve added the Noonlight integration and am definitely willing to try it out first over Scout, first so based on cost but equally based on your involvement. I’ve added it already, though it isn’t clear when and how I go about paying for the service… payment information was never collected.

How does it handle multiple “admins” on the account? I would want things setup such that both my wife and I can get notifications, texts, calls when an alarm event is triggered, and either of us can call off help.

Honestly, in our 5 years with ADT, every alarm event was a false alarm. If my wife opens a door forgetting to disarm, we were called… Generally, she was called first and then I was called and if neither responded, then police were notified.

It would be nice if the Noonlight or SmartThings app could present a pin code entry to cancel an alarm before a phone call or before help is dispatched.

(Allan) #8

I’m pretty sure anyone can use noonight, don’t need any devices brought in with Konnected panels. From what I understand its simply a virtual switch that contacts them when activated.

(Bobby Boucher) #9

Theoretically they will help you, but they don’t.

I still have a problem with SmartThings doors being closed (not opened) after the alarm is set triggering calls from Scout. Note, this was NOT a problem before. On the SmartThings side no alarm goes off, but Scout gets a notification that the alarm has been triggered.

SmartThings response was “don’t close windows or doors for now while the alarm is set”.

(Mavrrick) #10

It may not matter at this point but the ADT monitoring on the ADT Smartthings Hub is 34.95. Discounted a little if you pay 6 months in advance. Thay is for all of there monitoring options. You can just do security monitoring for 24.95 a month I believe. So both are a decent bit below the 50 you are saying. New sensors could be a pain though