Security intrusion not triggering either lights or siren

Deliberately tested intrusion detection, via SHM.

Used to be this would trigger lights, sirens, and message to my cellphone. Now, the only thing that works is the text message.

Well, that’s really great. If I survive a break-in, I’ll be sure to check my phone.

have a 60 day old ticket on this.

clearly functionality is not a priority

Mine used to work. I know, because the security wasn’t turned off on schedule twice, and it got triggered.

Then a couple of weeks ago, some movement in garage, and sirens came on, but not lights.

Now, neither.

What failed to cause all of these problems?

I have the other side of the problem. My Good Morning routine is not disarming the SHM, so I’m getting al my lights turned on when there’s still people in bed and a siren making all that noise.

I am getting too many intrusions. I haven’t enabled the siren because of all the nonsense around routines, schedules, and presence not working properly. Ergo the integration with Scout monitoring is funny.

I’ve been getting tons of intrusions a day on the back door, so I took it out of the mix. At first I chalked it up to wind. But after weeks of this, I wasn’t convinced about that. I’m hesitant to install a siren because of it.

I had that happened twice, including on Christmas Eve morning.

Now, the issue seems to be getting false positives, and at first, no lights and sirens.

However, last night at 4:40am, when another false positive hit, this time I got lights and sirens.


I did get an email from ST support after hitting them up again…

In the meantime, one thing we’ve found to get around this problem is during the Smart Home Monitor setup, selecting your siren under the “Alert with Lights” alert type (instead of “Alert with Sirens” appears to work. Please give this a shot, and I’ll let you know as soon as I have more information on this problem.

Very sorry for the inconvenience, and please let me know if you have any other questions!

I have not tried this out yet.

I got an email back from support regarding a different issue. They said they made some enhancements after the DB and hub upgrade. It did bring stability. Although every so often I see in the logs that the backdoor was open, when in fact it wasn’t. I’ve since taken it out of the mix so I do not get false positives in the intrusion detection.

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