Security for smart Home systems (Dojo)

I just read this article and though I would share it and also see if anyone has heard of it and their opinions.

Dojo is brand new, so it’s hard to say anything about it until it’s been in the field for a while. The idea seems reasonable, looking for unusual activity on your Wi-Fi network. It’s going to have an annual subscription rate of $100 a year after the first year, and it’s just hard to say if it’s worth it.

I’m going to keep an eye on it, but i’d like to see some field reviews first.

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Not worth it unless you have money to burn, idea is just weird, and its preying on people who do not know any better. We know better. Just dont plug your devices straight into the modem! Most modern routers have firewalls, decent threat mitigation. Oh and if you dont want that, bitdefender box is a device that does the same thing for no sub. I have a hardware router, along with 2 firewalls with my router and devices behind them, but thats overkill, your router will be good enough. Never got the point of these devices. Sure if I buy a nifty new ip cam and dont change the default user and pass OBVIOUSLY im going to be in trouble, but its simple stuff like that, just be smart about it. I just cannot see who this is marketed to. If you are not tech savvy how the heck are you even going to know about this OR have smart home devices? If you are a little tech savvy you know how pointless this is. It seems like a marketing nightmare IMO.

Just my 2c :smiley:

Looks similar to the fingbox:

Definitely similar. But the dojo is available for order now, will be carried by Amazon, and the company has an investment from a larger security company.

Neither company has any patents nor are they doing anything that couldn’t be done by a lot of other offerings, it’s just a question of who has the most convenient package and the best value proposition. But the dojo seems to be real now and the fing is still in pre-release.