Security Cameras Recommendations

Im relatively new to this and slowly building a smart home. The area I’m focusing on at the moment is cctv. I have the ring video doorbell at front and stick up cam at back but they don’t record 24/7 so I’m looking for a device which does record 24/7 and not just with motion to cover driveway at side of house. Any recommendations?

Unless you want to pay as much in annual fees than you do for the cams, go with a standalone hardwired system. If you want wireless go with a generic IP camera like Amcrest/Foscam and a computer running 24/7 with Blue Iris


Definitely do a stand alone CCTV or IP camera setup, the quality is way way way better than any of these rip off wireless systems.

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A couple of suggestions to get you started…

  1. Buy good cameras. Some of the most popular right now are the Dahua Starlight cameras.

  2. Use an NVR (Network Video Recorder). It can be a PC based NVR like Blue Iris, or a hardware based NVR. Typically if you are going to use a hardware NVR it is best to get both the cameras and NVR from the same manufacturer.

You’ll find a lot of information on the ipcamtalk user forum.

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