Securakey Radio Key Rk-65k?

I found a few of these on Ebay for cheap and may end up with them. After Googling around I can’t figure what standard or frequency they use. Anybody have any? Any way to connect them to ST? I have zero programming so, unfortunately, I’m probably not a good source for DTH. Thanks.

There’s a data sheet at the link you gave. It has the information. This is really old technology, and it uses Wiegand output. And it transmits at 125 kHz

So the short answer is it doesn’t work with SmartThings.

The long answer is that maker type folks like @ogiewon could probably cobble something together to collect the output as long as you got the reader as well as the transponder. If you just got the transponder, it’s probably not going to be usable.


Thanks JDRoberts. I think I will have 2 of the part I linked to, nothing more. Will ask the seller if they anything further on pickup (should I win).