Secondary account received SmartApp upgrade first? (July 2018)

Hi All,

My wife’s account(Secondary) SmartApp requesting her to upgrade before my account(Primary).
Why is that?

What smartapp?

Are you talking about being migrated from a SmartThings to a Samsung account, by chance?


Same thing with my account, all other have received notification, but mine. I have 4 additional and they all received the notification?

I am speaking about the migration from Smartthings to Samsung.

Ok, that doesn’t have anything to do with a smartapp, fyi, so your initial question was confusing.

Smartapp is a term that basically applies to an automation that’s run on the ST hub. Smart lighting is a smartapp. So is smart home monitor. You can install custom smartapps written by community members, etc.

If you’re asking how they decide which accounts to migrate from ST to Samsung sooner rather than later, I doubt you’ll ever get a clear answer to that question.