Second hub startup

I brought out my v3 hub to add to my shop. I went through the setup and see the hub on I am now trying to add a xaiomi driver to this hub to see if I can pair an older version button here. I found the edge drivers for this, but can’t seem to add this to the second hub. Any solutions?

What is the obstacle you are hitting?

Did you subscribe to the channel and select a driver from here?

When subscribing and adding drivers, you can select which hub you want to install drivers to.

I can add the drivers, but the only hub I see is the v2 in the house when I enroll. I don’t have the ability to see the shop hub.
On my cell phone, I tried to add an ikea outlet. The only hub selection I have, is the house, even though I was on the shop hub to start. Did I set thing up wrong?

Wondering if adding the hub after already enrolling in the channel on the existing didn’t automatically enroll the new hub? I think I’d try using the ST CLI to try enrolling the new hub to the channel explicitly:

smartthings edge:channels:enroll

Should provide you a list of available channels and allow you to select which hub to enroll. From there you could also install the driver using the command “smartthings edge:drivers:install”

Are both hubs are set up in the same SmartThings Location? When you look at the Devices page in the mobile app can you see both of the hubs listed?

I can see both hubs. I can see both hubs on the cli (./smartthings location), but when i use ./smartthings edge:channels:enroll and select 'YakovsSmartthingsEdge Drivers" my only choice for hub secetion is the v2 house hub

Maybe I’m not doing this right. On my cell, it shows 2 locations. Is this the same as 2 hubs?

Couple of things to check:

  • smartthings devices --type=HUB does it show both hubs?

  • smartthings config default does it show a default hub TRUE? If so, try smartthings config:reset and try the channel enroll and/or driver install again.

devices --type=HUB shows 1 hub
config default shows Name default Active true
Maybe I should factory reset and add again. I may have put the hub in as a location.

Not sure how you added it. You can create a new location if you want, but you still need to add the hub as a device in that location. Alternatively, you can simply go to Devices->±>By Brand->Smartthings->Smart Home Hub and then select the hub you are adding in the existing location.

If you want the new hub in a separate location, then select that location and add the hub as a new device as above.

Thank you. I have the location, but it is not listed as a device. I’ll remove it as a location, and add it.

Also, as an alternative to the CLI, @TAustin has developed an API Browser that provides much of the information in the CLI and what was formerly in the IDE. I like using it because I don’t have to be on my home network in order to access ST info like I do with the CLI.

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That was the issue. Thank you. Now to find mqtt issues

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