Second hub help

I’m looking for more information about capabilities and functionality of additional add pn hubs, but can’t seem to find anything. When setting up a second hub, should it be added under Settings/home/add a new hub or add additional location? What are the differences? Can I add it to both for different reasons? I would like functionality of location 2 hub device, motion, to be able to trigger action, light turn on on hub 1, is this possible? Ultimate goal is to have a second hub 2 as different user, family member (maybe this is where groups come in) which I can manage and program and associate with triggered events on my hub, but not have privileges other way around, like a guest account.

I look forward to hearing from the community. I am a big fan of smartthings and what they are attempting to accomplish, however I feel the people on this forum are it’s greatest asset. As I try to get more usability out of this device, I find more questions than answers.

Probably @Urman or one of the other SmartThings’ people should answer this just to make sure they put it in the right context. I’ll give it a try though.

Adding a hub to the same location allows for apps to know and control devices/actions whether they are are paired with one or the other hub.

Adding a hub to another location keeps the devices and app totally separated. To control devices that are paired to a hub, you must switch to that location to even see them. An event on one hub’s device cannot trigger an action on a device on the other hub.

As for having user level controls/privileges, I know SmartThings is working on that. Hopefully we’ll see it soon.


Looking to add a second hub to summer home for remote alarm, motion, and water monitoring, anyone know best way to do this? I would like a motion on location hub A to trigger light flash or siren in location hub B. Possible? Same user account.

Any of the recent changes effect this?


I’m also looking to set up a second location on our boat for the winter to monitor it things. And the marina uses a voucher style system. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

You’re responding to a thread which is over three years old. :disappointed_relieved: Generally you’ll get better answers if you respond to newer threads, or you can go ahead and start one of your own, which might be best in this case. Just start one in the project section and I’m sure there will be lots of people who can help.

Thanks, still getting the hang of the way the forum is.

Yeah, there’s a lot of great information in the forum but it can be really hard to find. :disappointed_relieved: