Second button will not save same controlled device as first button did if string name is to long

Today when I was setting up a new Aeotec hub for a new neighbor I noticed that after pairing a ST button and a controlled device that if I set up a second ST button to control that same device and the string name was to long that the second button refused to save the controlled device until I shortened the button name.

For example:

button 1 paired with name “MBR Pole Light 1” and controlled “MBR Pole Light” outlet. so in the automations it shows “MBR Pole Light 1, Pressed” and controls “MBR Pole Light” outlet. works great.

button 2 paired with name “MBR Pole Light 2” and refused to save “MBR Pole Light” outlet. after pressing save, all that is left is cancel - does not save and go back to the button room.

so, after changing both button names to “MBR Lights 1” and “MBR Lights 2” then the “MBR Pole Light” outlet saved to each button and works.

I did see something about making names unique so that voice control would work.