Searching for sensors - optimization (Italy)

I’d like some advices for optimize my actual home monitoring with sensors.
Now, I’ve 2 samsung motion&temperature sensor, one near the entrance door and the other in the hallway upstairs, all working good.
But I’d like to monitor additional parameters such as:

  • brightness near the entrance door, in order to manage lights and shades with it
  • humidity, in order to manage hvac (via IR that I already have)

It makes no difference for me buying other sensors in exchange of the samsung ones (because I can use the samsung ones elsewhere) OR buying additional sensor to add the desired parameters.

In conclusion, I need motion, temperature and brightness near the entrance and motion, temperature and humidity upstair, and I already have 2 samsung motion&temperature sensor.

Thank you for the advices!!

The first question what @JDRoberts would ask, where are you located? Different brands has different products in other regions.

Regarding your parameters you cannot miss with Xiaomi Aqara products, they are cheap but a bit quirky, as they tend to fall off from the Zigbee network. (They sold everywhere, in the UK and in the US as well.)

Some will add other sensors when they will know where you are.

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Otherwise some asked about Temperature and Humidity sensors recently.

Here is some answer for half of your questions:

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Sorry, I’m from Italy

Vesternet is always a good starting point:

Zwave light/lux sensors:

Zwave temperature and humidity sensors:

the aqara temperature&humidity seems ok, I can add this to the samsung motion and, for the upstairs, I’ll be fine.
Integration with smartthings is fine or troublesome?

Any suggestion for brightness or brightness/motion/temperature sensor for the entrance?


I didnt’ know vesternet!

The integration is custom, and slowly reaches full support in the new app, if it hasn’t done it yet.

@orangebucket has made a new DH for the Temperature Humidity and Pressure sensor for the new app.

Aqara has motion and lux sensors as well, but I haven’t got any of those.

The issues only, if they drop off the network and fail to control your devices and first to make them pair that they wouldn’t fell off for an extended period. Otherwise they do work well and last long on a single battery.

Peronally, I hate the Xaomi sensors. I find them highly unreliable. Others have had good luck. Fortunatley, they are cheap to experiement with.

Look on ebau and you can find used Iris sensors. Many of them work quite well. I have a number of iL07_1 Iris motion sensors which also provide temp and humidity. Highly reliable and cheap.

I try to avoid sensors that require 3rd party integrations. Many of these are wifi. They are cheap, but I havve seen the integrations come and go.

The iris sensors would work since they are Zigbee, but the OP is in Italy, and they were never sold there. :disappointed_relieved: also they do not have lux or humidity, only motion and temperature.

@Ario88 and @JDRoberts You could use eBay global shipping…

Just pray for luck to be on your side … you never know what eBay global shipping will do

For first floor, I ll try adding the aqara temp&humidity, if it works I have the samsung one for motion so I m good.

Now I need lux or any combination of lux+motion&temp for the entrance…:thinking:

Sensative makes a sensor with an unusual combination: lux and temperature. Very well engineered. Has a built-in 10 year battery. Z wave, available for either the EU or the US. These are very nice sensors, but they are expensive.

The Fibaro multi sensor is also available for either the EU or the US. quite popular. combining motion, temperature, light level and vibration functions

Just make sure you get the Z wave version. There is also a HomeKit version which looks identical, but will not work with SmartThings.

The Aeotec tri sensor is motion/light/temperature.

Thank you very much!
Out of those three (Sensative, Fibaro and Aeotec), which one has the best (aka simplest) integration with ST?