SDK/Contest Timing

Are you sticking with your April timing for the contest?

I’m excited to get going but even early daydreaming about potential projects is somewhat hampered by not having more information about your plans for the SDK/integration options etc.

You guys/gals must be digging deep now to get this stuff out; any updates?


Hi John,

Thanks for your question. We are likely looking to move the contest culmination to May due to not being able to get the developer kits out the door yet. We are aiming for February to release the SDK, etc which should give people March and April to really dig in for the contest. We will be updating everyone in a larger way very soon.


I don’t see anywhere to sign up as a developer/maker.  Is there a separate area to sign up to receive hardware interface specs?  I see the SDK is still in process but is there a queue I need to get in for that as well?



Thanks for the update, even documentation (sketchy and incomplete) would be good now so we can start to get our hands around what can be done, and how to do it.   As software developers, we understand how this works, but more information is better :wink:



Sooooo… it’s been a while, any updates on the contest (timing)?