SDK availability

(Tyrone Rubin) #1

If we purchase the maker kit now, do we get access to the SDK? Trying to figure out how we can start developing on this platform as soon as possible?

(Smart Things) #2

No one has access to SDK yet. We are working very hard to get it ready in the next several weeks. This community will be among the first to know. We will be releasing it well before the physical kits are sent. More info coming soon.

(Miguel Neto) #3

Where I can buy the maker kit?

(Karl Miller) #4

me too!

(Goingoffroading) #5

You can get them here:

(I work there)

I’m pretty stoked for SDK to come out

(Andrew Urman) #6

The SDK is going to be built into the online IDE. So you can log into your account and just click on a Developer tab. Takes you straight into it :slight_smile:

@goingoffroading see you next week in Chico!

(Goingoffroading) #7


(Justin Botelho) #8

Just ordered my Maker’s kit! Any updated ETA on the IDE and SDK?

(Eric Schuld) #9

The IDE will be released about the 15th of March - according to their latest KickStarter update.

(Limitless Led) #10


(Steve Cooley) #11

yeah, when?

(Mattias) #12

Pretty please?  Update on when basic kit is available?  I really want to start integrating my sensors.