Scout with ST and multiple hubs?

(Eric) #1

Since support is doing their best head in the sand routine on this, I thought I would check with others.

My ST is stable enough with SHM at my hubs in both my house (160 devices) and my office (15 devices). Between SHM and Smart Alarm coupled together, and my presence strategy, its not had any issues. So I added Scout to both for monitoring as a test.

My Office hub had a badge “monitoring by scout” when I signed up. Cool.

Added my home hub to scout a few days later. Now has the “monitoring by scout” badge. Cool.

Look at my office hub, its no longer there as a badge.

Is this just UI failure or has anyone else experienced oddity with multi-hub monitoring? Very curious.

(lets not run down the rabbit hole of blah blah you can’t trust SHM. :slight_smile: )