Scout Monitoring with SmartThings new issue June 2018

I’ve been using the Scout professional monitoring now for almost a year. I tested out its functions pretty thoroughly before actually buying into the monitoring - my city charges per police call out after the first incident per year…so I wanted to make sure this was going to work for my family.

One on the things I tested was what happens when I arm the system in home or away mode and I leave a contact sensor open that should be closed, then close that sensor while the alarm is enabled. The result was the alarm doesn’t trigger, which is fine, but if you open that sensor AFTER (so, sensor on list, left open, alarm armed, sensor closed, THEN OPENED) the alarm would go off. Perfect - sometimes we sleep with doors and windows open but want to get up in the middle of the night and close them - WITHOUT having to disarm the alarm and reset it.

This function worked FINE for months, until (like all SmartThings issues) until recently.

Now, if you close a contact after the alarm is armed, it notifies Scout monitoring and they call to say the alarm has been tripped. What makes this ridiculous is that the alarm never actually goes off - no siren, no flashing light no event logged - Scout just receives a trigger alert and starts calling you , or the police if they can’t get a hold of you.

So round 1 of support I called Scout who informed me they can’t see on vs off, open vs closed, they just receive an alert that device was triggered.

Round 2 of support is to now call ST and have them tell me its a Scout issue…at least I hope not.

Anyone else notice or experience this with Scout Monitoring?

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What do you see in Live Logging when testing this scenario?

(I’m presuming, perhaps, the Scout SmartApp has extra info in Live Logging, along with SHM’s messages).