Scout base unit and Smartthings sensors

Just a quick wish. Now that Smartthings has partnered with Scout for monitoring it would be nice to see the ability to use the sensors I have on my doors, and my motion sensors being able to be used with the Scout system. That way I would just buy the base unit.

I’ve searched for an answer to this but would love to find an alarm base that works with my sensors. Obviously don’t want 2 sets of sensors on the doors.

Unfortunately at this time, if you want a dedicated reliable security solution and flexible home automation solution, 2 sensors is most likely the best option. I have 2 sensors on all of my doors (SimpliSafe and Smartthings) and as much as I would love to consolidate, the market isn’t ready for it yet. Some people have done some hacks with their old/existing alarm panels from ADT, etc. You can search the forums for that.