Scledge Deadbolt and Leverlock too close together?

Anybody have a problem with two devices being too close together? I’m assuming that to be the issue. I can set up and control the deadbolt, then setup and control the lever lock. Unfortunately when I go back to control the deadbolt it doesn’t work anymore.
Removed the deadbolt from the network and added it back. Successfully giving me control of the deadbolt but losing control of the lever lock. The next day it had switched the control to the lever lock losing control of the deadbolt. I have now, removed tge leverlock from the network. Removed and re-added the deadbolt. I am leaving the lever lock out of the network in hopes I can have remaining control over the deadbolt.
My workaround is that I can put a guest code into the lever lock, and when I need to let someone in, remotely, I can give them the guest code to enter inyo the bottom keypad and remotely unlock the deadbolt for them. This has an advantage that if they give out the guest code or try to use it later they still have to call to have me remotely unlock the deadbolt for them to get in. Of course I would also have to remotely disarm the alarm anyway or they would have lots of company joining them.

I think the make and model of what you are using would help others be able to help you. As far as devices being too close together, yeah sure it is possible if either one is malfunctioning, but generally no. I have 3 wave devices in a 2-gang box and they all behave just fine. You may also want to have live logging open as you add the devices, there could be some info in there that might help you.

I will try again after Father’s Day and will log the installation to see if we can find the issue. Will also include the model numbers. Thank you for your suggestion.