School me on relays please

I’m looking at using a Zen16 for a project I’ve been mulling about. It’s probably overkill for my what I’m doing but I can probably use it again for another better suited application down the road. For now, I’d like to control three of this water valve.


If I get the valves wired up, can I skip the physical switch part of the relay and just use the virtual buttons created by the driver? My end goal is to use webCoRE to control the on/off of the water valves.

This is the ZEN16 wiring diagram for a garage door opener.

I use that exact same ZEN16 for my garage doors. And yes, you can use virtual buttons to control the pumps. At least, that is what I do with mine. I have virtual switches on my dashboard pads to open and close the doors.


Thanks for that info. I’m going to give it a try and see what I can come up with :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t depend only on virtual control. You always need Manual override, in case you loose network connection.

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Agreed. I still have my vehicle remotes and the push buttons on the wall. But with the above, I can open and close any garage doors at any time, even while at work.